Build your project within costs and deadlines

Visualize project performance to realize what needs to “cancel out rework.” + Capture project progress in real-time + Understand financial dynamics + Keep track of your project progress to secure ROI

Leverage greater insights for your field activities

iFieldSmart Technologies supports owners with holistic project tracking through unlimited data storage. Derive insights in real-time through information-driven construction management. Reinforce your project performance with accurate and customized reports.

Eliminate rework and wasted hours

Architects, designers, and engineers can upload unlimited drawings while iFieldSmart takes care of your project.

Analyze, communicate, and resolve field obstacles in real-time.

Assign tasks to other specialty contractors on the project, Bullet Achieve schedule mitigation in real-time with preemptive task tracking

Integrations we provide

iFieldSmart Technologies makes third-party app integration a walk in the park for multiple field teams and projects. Our simple, yet advanced platform integrates high-impact apps like Procore, Navisworks, Revit, Zapier, and more.


Use your field hours better with advanced construction management software.

A simple and intuitive construction management dashboard built for the field.

The adaptability of the iFieldSmart Technologies platform supports multiple solutions and products with updated datastreaming to connect projects and people across global corners.

Take complete control of your onsite activities.

Empower your drawings with proactive sheet management, take task management to another level, drive improved RFI and Submittal management, leverage construction coordination at its best, and much more – do it all on an easy-to-use dashboard.

Powerful integrations to simplify your workflows.

Enrich your construction management processes with integrations to reinforce your field outcomes. Leverage dynamic integrations like Procore, BIM360, Zapier, Revit, Navisworks, and Outlook on a single view Screen.

Tailor-made for demanding construction projects by construction experts.

With more than a decade of AEC experience, we’ve worked with numerous clients to focus our efforts on resolving field challenges - driven by simplicity and value. We listen to industry experts to expand our construction management software – Deploy our app in a matter of minutes & stay organized on your laptop, mobile, or tablet.

Lens 360 – Visualize the present and what needs to be perceived further.

Draw actionable intuition.

Side-by-side visual comparisons support teams to understand jobsite progress over a specific location and time.

Promote risk management.

Enhance As-Built documentation before a close-out to manage critical issues with periodic rough-in pictures.

Drive Operations and Management.

Link pictures to submittals for O and M integration. Quick download project manuals and preserve jobsite history with 360 photo documentation.

Realistic Progress Tracking.

Compare 3D BIM models with pictures and drawings to monitor project progress and produce accurate scheduling and billing.