Design Collaboration Software

Design coordination software for construction

Conserve Time

Leverage markup tracking within drawings without the need to reposition markups from earlier versions. Save time and enhance productivity with smart drawing management.

Construction collaboration tools

Simplify Collaboration

Design collaboration software to simplify architectural collaboration between Drawings, DWG, and . PDF files. Streamline workflows to make data-driven decisions.

Design Coordination

Accelerate Collaboration

Connect teams from various remote locations on a single platform or start a meeting on a specific drawing or document – empower every collaborator for performance enhancement and efficiency through collaborative data enrichment.

Simplified design Collaboration to help you mark out every detail.

Simplified design collaboration software to help you mark out every detail.

Simplified design Collaboration to help you mark out every detail.

iFieldSmart Technologies provides teams with straightforward design Collaboration tools to analyze and manage project data for risk mitigation, seamless processes, and data-driven insights.

Graphical trade-wise and level-wise reports identify and resolve potential risks. Track project goals at various stages for greater attention to detail, risk management, accurate monitoring, better cost management, and lean building.

Tailored Reports

Consolidate project information and collate reports based on visualization to tell the complete story. Simplify project metrics across the project and drive seamless collaboration amongst various collaborators.

Singular Information Reality

Cut down on the clutter and identify critical metrics. Leverage a suite of interactive reporting dashboards to flag issues quickly, dive into critical data, and take steps.

Intuitive Dashboards

Build winning projects through standardization and automation. Sharing data streamlines correspondence, builds clarity, and enables teams to center their work more efficiently.


Export CSV or PDF formats for quick and easy sharing with various collaborators. Build project intelligence with accurate and detailed reports.


Design Collaboration Capabilities

All the features you and your teams demand to “See Eye to Eye” – and visualize better.



Identify Collaboration issues and resolve them – quickly.



Fly your project documents with cloud-based storage to cancel out “what if” scenarios during preconstruction, construction, and operations.