Quick and Real-time data streaming.

Stream real-time data into the iFieldSmart reports dashboard to view open, resolved, or pending issues


Use customized dashboards.

View bespoke field reports through a customized selection of RFI count, overdue closed RFIs and assigned RFIs.


Leverage a complete project overview.

Visualize a complete overview of issues, RFIs, and submittals on a single dashboard.


iFieldSmart Technologies construction field reports.

Acquire quick and complete access to authentic BIM information – no matter where your project is.


RFI Reports.

Imperfect management of RFIs leads to unnecessary cost overages. The iFieldSmart RFI reports dashboard delivers a holistic overview of Overdue, RFI count, and closed RFIs. Keep track of RFIs assigned to a specific user to achieve positive field outcomes.


Customize reports for a wider audience.

The iFieldSmart Technologies construction management app provides users with filter capabilities through project selection, date range, and other parameters to customize reports for better clarity and understanding.


Issue Management Reports.

Issues can be critical in the field leading to time delays and cost overruns. iFieldSmart Technologies help contractors and specialty contractors leverage a comprehensive overview of real-time data through levelwise and tradewise categories.


Submittal Reports.

Inaccurate tracking of submittals can lead to budget and timeline setbacks. Get a complete submittal count with overdue numbers and closed submittals. Take your field operations forward through assigned submittals, overdue submittals, and closed submittals.


Leverage hassle-free field report management with iFieldSmart Technologies.

Use the most updated report set to achieve field efficiencies.