Remote Collaboration
  • Bullet Facilitate collaboration regardless of team location.
  • Bullet Real-time communication and updates for enhanced coordination.
Cloud-based Document Management
  • Bullet Streamline document organization and accessibility.
  • Bullet Ensure version control and real-time information sharing.
Any Device Accessibility
  • Bullet Access critical project information from any device.
  • Bullet Foster flexibility for both onsite and offsite teams.
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Procore Integration
  • Bullet Effortless data exchange between Procore and iFieldSmart.
  • Bullet Streamlined management of RFIs, Submittals, and Observations.
  • Bullet Flexible data management to tailor sync preferences between iFieldSmart and Procore.
  • Bullet Direct upload functionality for RFIs, Submittals, & Observations from iFieldSmart to Procore.

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2D Drawings Management

Effortlessly access and share drawings across devices with iFieldSmart. Ensure teams stay updated with the latest drawings through convenient QR code scanning, minimizing rework and maximizing efficiency.

  • Bullet Conveniently access drawings from any device via iFieldSmart's platform.
  • Bullet Share drawings seamlessly using shareable links or QR codes.
  • Bullet Enable quick access to the latest drawings with QR code scanning for site teams.
  • Bullet Ensure accuracy and reduce rework by keeping all team members updated on the latest drawings.
RFI Management

Empower your construction projects with iFieldSmart's RFI Management, fostering efficiency, collaboration, and informed decision-making to fuel success.

  • Bullet Cohesively generate and manage RFIs, ensuring an efficient workflow within a centralized platform.
  • Bullet Facilitate real-time engagement with stakeholders, fostering collaboration and transparency.
  • Bullet Ensure accessibility from anywhere, promoting flexibility and responsiveness in RFI management.
  • Bullet Develop a comprehensive project understanding through visualized RFI analytics.
Submittal Management

Streamline your project's efficiency with advanced Submittal Management, ensuring precision and excellence in every submission.

  • Bullet Streamline submittal processes effortlessly within a centralized platform, maximizing project efficiency.
  • Bullet Facilitate real-time engagement with stakeholders through accessible shared submittals, promoting collaboration and transparency.
  • Bullet Ensure accessibility from anywhere, promoting flexibility and responsiveness in submittal management.
  • Bullet Leverage visual analytics on the Business Intelligence Dashboard for informed, strategic decisions in submittal management.
Task Management

Propel your projects forward with iFieldSmart, where Task Management serves as a catalyst for strategic decision-making, resource optimization, and overall project triumph.

  • Bullet Use iFieldSmart for seamless task assignments, promoting fluid workflows and enhancing team collaboration.
  • Bullet Keep projects on track with iFieldSmart, effortlessly tracking task due dates and updating timesheets for accuracy.
  • Bullet Optimize resources strategically using iFieldSmart's analytics-driven Task Management, enhancing workforce efficiency.
  • Bullet Achieve efficient workflows and collaboration with iFieldSmart's Task Management, simplifying task assignments and execution.
  • Bullet Drive project precision with iFieldSmart, utilizing analytics for strategic resource planning and informed decision-making.
Daily Reports

iFieldSmart's Daily Report feature empowers subcontractors to maintain worklogs and activity records effortlessly, enhancing project communication and success.

  • Bullet Foster collaboration and transparency by streamlining communication between subcontractors and project teams.
  • Bullet Fill daily reports seamlessly from any device, providing convenience and flexibility for subcontractors.
  • Bullet Optimize resources strategically using iFieldSmart's analytics-driven Task Management, enhancing workforce efficiency.
  • Bullet Gain immediate insights into project progress, enabling quick decision-making and efficient resource planning.
Financial Management

iFieldSmart enables seamless Contract, SOV, change order, and invoice management. Monitor budgets and analyze financial data on our Business Intelligence Dashboard for enhanced planning and profitability.

  • Bullet Effortlessly manage Contracts, SOVs, change orders, and invoices, enhancing financial control and project success.
  • Bullet Maintain, monitor and control budgets efficiently to ensure financial stability and project profitability.
  • Bullet Gain insights and plan strategically with visualized financial data on our Business Intelligence Dashboard.
  • Bullet Improve efficiency, cut costs, and achieve better project outcomes through streamlined financial processes.
Business Intelligence
Project Management Dashboard

Experience enhanced project analytics and smart decision-making with iFieldSmart's Business Intelligence feature, offering customized dashboards across various project modules.

  • Bullet Unlock personalized analytics for each module, enhancing project tracking and enabling informed decisions
  • Bullet Achieve excellence in project management as iFieldSmart's Business Intelligence tailors insights, enabling data-driven decisions across project modules.

With iFieldSmart's BIM feature, subcontractor teams access 3D models on web, mobile, and iPad without need of any additional software.

  • Bullet Seamlessly access 3D models on web, mobile, and iPad, revolutionizing project visualization.
  • Bullet Site teams can access and visualize projects conveniently on iPad and mobile devices.
  • Bullet Empower subcontractor and site teams with easy access to project data, fostering collaboration and efficiency.
  • Bullet Simplify project management by eliminating the need for additional software, enhancing workflow efficiency.
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