“Field Better” to Build Better. Cancel out rework. Secure better profits.

Reinforce your teams to get things done with top General Contractors Software.


Single Plan of Action

Our platform is simple to use. An intuitive field management app resolves onsite challenges specific to construction.


Single App.

iFieldSmart Technologies streamline communication and collaboration by connecting back-office teams with onsite personnel. As a General Contractor, you can achieve high-impact results by working in teams.


Single Success Initiative.

Your project win is our app victory. iFieldSmart Technologies provides complete access with top-notch support to make your field performance effective and efficient.

Better project outcomes.

Build your project within costs and deadlines

Visualize project performance to realize what needs to “cancel out rework.”

  • + Capture project progress in real-time
  • + Understand financial dynamics
  • + Keep track of your project progress to secure ROI
Anchor your project teams.

Communicate and collaborate office teams with field personnel

Our General Contractors software makes it simple for field teams to access, store, and view updated project documentation.

  • + Capture and manage project data sets
  • + Get comprehensive insights with detailed reports
  • + Easily track site changes
  • + Monitor subcontractor payments by recording actual fieldwork

Visualize the financial status of your project.

Achieve centralized and real-time updates with precise data from multiple data points and stakeholders.

  • + Extract and analyze field-based insights
  • + Consolidate cost data
  • + Explore cost performance
  • + Generate exact estimates with historical insights

Qualitatively Superior

Learn how construction project management software from iFieldSmart Technologies helps clients improve construction workflows.

Simple Construction Management App for General Contractors.

All the features and tools you need to elevate your business as a general contractor.

Enrich quick and better decision-making with project management that connects data and teams. Cancel out Rework. Reduce Costs. Make Time. Connect data and people on one powerful platform to engineer sustainable buildings.

Construction Management

BIM Tools integrated with multidisciplinary work-sharing. Maneuver your 3D model. Explore data-driven workflows and access all your BIM information on a single dashboard.


Our task management dashboard supports onsite teams with powerful task allocation and time management capabilities for greater visibility and accurate work invoicing.

Task Management

iFieldSmart Technologies’ field scheduling software delivers an accurate and complete timeline of project activities from start to finish. Assign and organize tasks from any location or device while making sure there are no bottlenecks.


Real-time project tracking drives proactive decision-making reinforced by high-performance insights. Make your field teams more efficient with simple tools that connect back-office teams with onsite personnel in real-time.

Field Productivity

A powerful drawing dashboard supports contractors in the field. iFieldSmart Technologies’ construction management software helps you own the latest As-Built drawing documentation with a QR code and markup capabilities

As-Built Drawings

iFieldSmart Technologies supports contractors and other onsite personnel with real-time field reports streamed directly from the field for clashes, viewpoints, and various other data points. Filter by trades, levels, or view overall reports with accurate strong date filters.


Connect data and people on one powerful platform to engineer sustainable buildings.

Build quicker, collaborate better, and stay productive on a single screen. Learn how you can realize remarkable efficiencies of scale with the best Construction Management solution.