As-Built Drawings Software for the Field

As-Built Drawings Software makes it simple to keep track of your drawings in the field and allows you to share marked-up drawings with stakeholders, such owners and project managers, at any time. Users have the ability to export and archive particular project locations, indicate field changes, and draw red lines. Accurate as-builts indicate the progress required to receive payment for contracts whose pay schedules are contingent on completion, along with any necessary revisions to the plan sheets.

Field-Ready As-Built Documentation Software to empower construction excellence.

As-built plan software is a set of data and 3D models that depict the building as it is actually built and are delivered to the client upon completion. Compared to the initial design, the data created in the as-built documentation software includes all changes and additions made during the construction process. It usually includes the exact dimensions, features and geometry of all the components of the building, such as the as-built survey which is measured at the end of the construction work of the building.

Manage your As-Builts drawing onsite with iFieldSmart Technologies. Share accurate, annotated, and updated As-Built documentation with multiple project participants, Save and organize specific sections, mark changes in real-time in the field, and highlight essential details. Having precise As-Built’s on an interactive and powerful dashboard illustrates planned work vs actual work done to simplify task tracking and invoicing.

As Built Drawings Software makes it simple to keep track of your drawings in the field & as-built documentation improve data control in your construction projects. It allows you to share marked-up drawings with stakeholders, such owners and project managers, at any time. Users have the ability to export and archive particular project locations, indicate field changes, and draw red lines. Accurate as-builts indicate the progress required to receive payment for contracts whose pay schedules are contingent on completion, along with any necessary revisions to the plan sheets.

Get it right the first time by turning information to impact.

Digital As-Built documentation enhances the way data is managed in building projects. Construction done through traditional processes and tools brings in its share of complexities including manual errors, limited access, unlimited file versions, time-consuming updates, and data storage issues. As-Built drawing access and management on a cloud-based and AI-driven platform like iFieldSmart Technologies fills in the gaps and provides project participants to visualize planned and actual work done in digital space.

Accurate As-builts drawing, quick record search, faster handoffs, redline markups, photo integration within drawings, and improved sheet versioning are some of the capabilities supported by iFieldSmart Technologies. This drawing ensure every detail is captured after building completion including changes during various construction stages. Construction participants can compare these drawings with initial plans and specifications on a single dashboard.

Importance of construction drawings in construction projects

Drawings are required in construction projects for the following reasons:

  • As-built drawings not only serve to give you precise details about the changes made at any interim stage of the project, but also facilitate easy visualization of upcoming steps, noting complexities, and early resolution of issues.
  • This drawings provide details of installations to assist owners and clients with any future changes to the structure.
  • This drawing are very valuable documents that give prospective buyers a clear idea of what you sell and what you buy. It also lays a foundation for us to make any desired changes in the future
  • Who Creates As-Built Drawings?

    Engineers and designers create basic drawing plans that serve as the basis for as-built drawings. However, as the contractors are aware of all the changes made during the construction process, the final changes are made.

    The contractor must record all changes made to the original drawing and is solely responsible for the actual construction. Systematic recording of changes in the form of prepared drawings can help avoid future disputes.

    As Built Drawings software

    Accurate & updated As-Built drawing sets.

    Store your As–Built drawings based on trades with markup capabilities for faster editing.

    As Built Drawing software

    Reinforce your operations team with visual As Built documentation.

    Download the most updated drawing sets for operations and maintenance and visualize As-Built conditions for assets and layouts leading to preemptive maintenance strategies.

    As Built Drawings software

    Monitor As-Built progress for clarity.

    Simple and quick search filters make it easy to track trade-wise As Builts documentation ensuring better project precision.

    Why is As-Built drawing management so important?

    Effective As-Built drawings management is important to ensure accuracy and thoroughness in construction projects. It delivers a complete record of the final As-Built environment leading to improved future maintenance, regulatory compliance, and faster renovations. Furthermore, it improves communication between various stakeholders and ensures disputes are mitigated based on a clear reference point.

    This drawing are important for a few reasons. During the construction process, As built drawing can help subcontractors onboard quickly, as they can review the drawings and quickly understand exactly where the project is. This allows subcontractors to spot any potential process problems early after a changeover. Ultimately, for general contractors and subcontractors, AsBuilt drawings serve as a detailed record of actual completed construction compared to the intended design. Armed with these drawings, all project stakeholders know exactly what work has been done.

    Take control of your As-Built drawings with iFieldSmart Technologies.

    iFieldSmart technologies supports your As-Built needs using the web or a mobile app. Ensure accuracy and efficiency for your construction projects with simplified management of As-built drawing app to foster seamless collaboration and precision.

    As-Built drawings software built for accuracy, simplicity, and collaboration.

    Manage your As-Built needs effortlessly from the web or mobile app.

    Pan, Zoom, Roll, or use layers or measurements to view As Builts documentation. Utilize various camera angles for enhanced As-Built visualization in 3D space.

    Access & view As Built drawing with a 3D viewer.

    Our simple, yet intuitive dashboard supports redline drawings, with other tools including lines, circles, squares, and more.

    Utilize annotations for your As Built drawing.

    Accelerate RFI creation for As Built drawings with a single click for quick issue identification and resolution.

    Expedite RFI creation to stay on track.

    Keep your As-Built’s updated with the latest versions driven by comments and notes.

    Foster smart As Builts document versioning on a single platform.

    Involve multiple teams to collaborate and contribute in real-time with the latest dataset of As Built drawing within the iFieldSmart app.

    Leverage quick sharing capabilities to collaborate better.

    Visualize clash and viewpoint data on a single screen .Manage camera interactions for your As Built drawing with the layer manager.

    Export or Import layered As Built drawing for a quick handover.

    Identify and resolve potential risks with project goal tracking at various building stages. Realize improved risk management, attention to detail, accurate cost management, and real-time monitoring.

    Build accurate and data-rich reports for greater clarity.

    Link 2D plans and 3D BIM models to high-resolution images. Manage project progress with actionable insights, drive better risk management, and track project progress through photos and 360 imaging.

    Track project progress with 360 photos and imaging.

    Instant access to accurate and complete drawings fosters expedited communication, objectivity, and functionality.

    Get complete access to updated drawings.

    Experience the Future of Construction with iFieldSmart Technologies

    iFieldSmart Technologies is an end-to-end construction management platform that supports various teams to manage construction projects from start to finish. With a strong suite of tools for project planning, collaboration, scheduling, document management, analytics, and budgeting, iFieldSmart fosters communication, transparency, and productivity across various building phases to ensure high-impact outcomes.

    iFieldSmart is a construction project management solution that can help streamline the construction drawings in several ways. The iFieldSmart system allows for automatic deviation analysis so you can see changes from the original plan in real time. We also promote clash detection analysis and integrate it with BIM so contractors can reduce rework while increasing the likelihood that their projects will stay on schedule.


    Foster accuracy, compliance, decision-making, and efficiency on a single cloud-based platform for your As Built drawings.

    Unparalleled flexibility, convenience, and security for your As-Built drawing.


    Answer: As-Built Documentation refers to the record of changes, modifications, and deviations made to a construction project during its construction or renovation phase. It provides an accurate representation of the final built environment and serves as a valuable reference for future maintenance, renovations, and legal purposes. AsBuilts Documentation is crucial for ensuring that constructed elements comply with approved designs and regulatory requirements.
    Answer: As-Built Drawings Software is specifically designed to manage and update construction drawings to reflect the actual conditions of a completed project. Unlike other construction management tools that focus on project planning, scheduling, and communication, As-Built Drawings Software emphasizes the creation, revision, and maintenance of accurate Drawings and documentation.
    Answer: Key features of As Built Drawings Software include customizable drawing templates, version control to track revisions and updates, integration with Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for enhanced visualization, mobile accessibility for on-site data capture, and reporting and analytics capabilities for tracking project changes and trends.
    Answer: As Built Documentation plays a crucial role in project handover and facility management by providing detailed records of the final constructed elements, including changes, modifications, and installed components. This information is essential for facility managers to understand the building's systems and components, plan maintenance activities, and make informed decisions about future renovations or expansions.
    Answer: Yes, As-Builts Drawing Software is suitable for both new construction and renovation projects. Whether it's documenting changes made during the construction of a new building or capturing modifications during the renovation of an existing structure, As-Builts Drawing Software helps ensure that the final built environment is accurately documented and recorded for future reference.