As Built Drawings Software

Beyond Blueprints: Unveiling the Power of As Built Documentation and Drawings

Construction projects are intricate and dynamic, rarely adhering perfectly to the initial blueprint. This is where As Built Documentation and Drawings come in, acting as the bridge between the planned and the actual. They capture the "as-built" state of a project, documenting every deviation, modification, and unforeseen detail. But these aren't mere afterthoughts; they're crucial tools for ensuring project success, optimizing future operations, and maximizing value.

After a construction project's designer, engineer, or contractor has successfully finished the work, drawings are produced. When comparing the final drawings to the initial drawings and specifications they created at the start of the project, construction professionals usually make this comparison.

Project managers usually keep an eye on any modifications to specifications by reviewing the drawings created during the building phase of a project. The final drawings let you keep track of and document project modifications at every turn, as well as show the geometry of the finished work.

You can preserve your prepared designs as a contractor and bring them up in the interview. Drawings can enhance your professional image and demonstrate the effectiveness and calibre of your prior work. This is a really effective method to win over project managers.

Why are as built drawing important?

Teams can refer to an As built drawing as a complete record of all project updates and modifications when making necessary adjustments, repairs, or renovations. Contractors have access to the projects completed by former staff members, the materials they used, and the date of construction.

Because they don't have to test the structure to ascertain its current problems, the contractor can save time as a result. Rather, the as-built drawing provides customers with the conditions so they may start making their improvements or upgrades right away.

The facilities team can also use the as-built drawing to check the project specs and materials in case they need to make adjustments to a completed construction later on. This aids in the efficient identification and repair of any damaged structural elements, thereby saving money and time.


Accurate and complete drawing sets.

Stay on top of your field operations with trade-wise storage of As-Built drawings enriched with markup capabilities for quick editing.


Making it easy for the operations team.

Download the latest As Built drawings sets for operations and maintenance teams to visualize As-Built conditions


Track As-Built progress for greater transparency.

Quick search filters make it easy for contractors and subcontractors to track trade-wise As-Builts for improved project clarity.

Manage your As-Built deliverables with iFieldSmart Technologies.

Use the mobile app or web to handle all your As-Built needs. A powerful As built drawing dashboard supports contractors and subcontractors in the field. iFieldSmart Technologies construction management software helps you own the latest As-Built drawing documentation with a QR code and markup capabilities.

Best-in-class construction management solutions for As-Built drawings.

Use the mobile app or web to handle all your As-Built needs.

Pan, Zoom, Roll, or use layers or measurements to view As-Built documentation. Set various camera angles to visualize As-Builts in a 3D setting.

3D viewer to access and view As-Built drawings.

Our drawings dashboard supports drawing red-lining reinforced with other markup tools including line, circle, squares, and more.

Generate As-Built drawings.

Create quick RFIs through a single right-click on As-Built drawings for faster issue analysis and resolution.

Quick RFI integration.

As-Built drawings need to be kept up to date with fresh versions streamed into the iFieldSmart Technologies dashboard. Version control logs manage the accurate history through notes and comments.

Automation reinforced document versioning.

Keep multiple teams involved with the latest data points for As-Built drawings within the iFieldSmart app. Let teams collaborate and contribute to As-Built drawings in real-time.

Collaborate through quick sharing.

Use the layer manager with camera interactions for your As-Built 2D. Visualize clash and viewpoint data. Import or export As-Built drawings upon completion or handover through our construction management app.

Export or Import layered As-Built 2D.

Graphical trade-wise and level-wise reports identify and resolve potential risks. Track project goals at various stages for greater attention to detail, risk management, accurate monitoring, better cost management, and lean building.


Link 2D plans and 3D BIM models to high-resolution images. Manage project progress with actionable insights, drive better risk management, and track project progress through photos and 360 imaging.

Photos and 360 imaging

When 2D drawings are instantly accessible teams can communicate what matters and what is acceptable. Clean and updated drawings set the technical foundation for project objectives and functionality.


Manage your As-Built deliverables with iFieldSmart Technologies.

Use the most updated report set to achieve field efficiencies.