Financial Management Software

Ultimately, an end-to-end cost management platform designed and coded for demanding construction.

Secure your building project profits before breaking ground with iFieldSmart Technologies. Learn how you can achieve cost efficiencies at scale with our proprietary solution.


Greater Data Accuracy

Cancel-out cost errors through full financial visualization enriched by data.


Make Real-Time Decisions

Identify the cost impact through modifications or clear data analysis on RFIs, Submittals, Task Management, and other parameters.


Multiple software integrations

Leverage quick and powerful software integrations within the iFieldSmart software to achieve high-cost benefits.

Control your cost curve and eliminate risks before breaking ground.

iFieldSmart Technologies demonstrates the power of data-integrated tools to manage positive cash flows for General Contractors, Subcontractors, Owners, and other building professionals.

For Owners

Visualize your project's cost health during preconstruction in real-time

Utilize technology-driven workflows to stream, collect, and analyze real-time data for clear visibility across multiple project lifecycles.

  • Bullet + Drive collaboration across every stakeholder between the office and the field
  • Bullet + Customize project data sets to derive precise financial forecasting and reporting
  • Bullet + Stay away from silo workflows and fragmented data volumes
  • Bullet + Derive true cost value with data-integrated and AI-reinforced software
  • Bullet + Grow your construction business with data-rich insights
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For General Contractors

Keep your project timeline intact with complete cost clarity

Keep track of your project budget and predict essential costs through real-time data clarity and enrichment

  • Bullet + Achieve seamless cost management from preconstruction to close-out and handover
  • Bullet + Sync your cost needs with our technology-driven platform
  • Bullet + Eliminate project overruns and cost overages with accurate billing and invoicing
  • Bullet + Discover comprehensive cost details with budget reports
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For Specialty Contractors

Get paid quicker and improve your cost curves

Stream real-time data from the jobsite back into the iFieldSmart platform to ensure on-time payment.

  • Bullet + Make your site teams capable to track project and cost changes in real-time
  • Bullet + Cancel out administrative challenges driven through paper, spreadsheets, and other conventional tools and processes
  • Bullet + Document your fieldwork on a digital platform for faster invoicing and payment
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Unleash true ROI for your next
construction project with connected construction
driven by iFieldSmart Technologies.

From small companies to medium-sized firms and large-scale enterprises,
we add value and credibility for every stakeholder.


More than 80% of iFieldSmart users have witnessed improvements in tracking and managing costs.

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iFieldSmart has supported users to achieve more than 60% construction volume per individual

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More than 80% of respondents agree with budgeting with iFieldSmart software has made budget forecasting more accurate.

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Financial Project Management.

Explore accurate budgeting and streamline cost management through collaborative tools reinforced by real-time insights.


Proactive Invoice Management

Get paid quicker and cancel out invoicing delays with simplified costing


Integrating Accounts

Access real-time cost data from the field with software integrations to manage accounts.


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Latch onto powerful integrations to bridge workflows from preconstruction, communicate intent, improve 3D model performance, automate processes, and more.

Uncover complete project control of your cost bottom line. Right Now!

Draw out the guesswork, inaccurate forecasting, fragmented invoicing, and project delays. Learn how software can help you achieve greater cost efficiencies.

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