Quick task scheduling.

Coordinate activities without any hassles through the timeliner using a highly visual Gantt chart.


Precise Progress Tracking.

Assign tasks to each sub-contractors with level and room-wise capabilities. Perceive the status of every activity through percentage completion.


Lean field monitoring.

Drive high-end coordination and collaboration to derive higher certainty across multiple trades.


Powerful Construction Scheduling Dashboard.

Acquire quick and complete access to authentic BIM information – no matter where your project is.


Easy construction scheduling.

Our construction scheduling dashboard helps you run your look ahead activities in a streamlined manner. Run subcontractor's meetings by selecting start and finish dates whilst streaming tasks in your project schedule.


Eliminate interdisciplinary conflicts.

Keeping track of the larger picture can be tedious without scheduling clarity. With iFieldSmarts’ timeliner, contractors and subcontractors can identify task and scheduling conflicts. Our construction scheduling software streams real-time data directly from field personnel doing work. If there are lags or overdue tasks in the work schedule, you’ll know before it's too late.


Track predecessor activities.

Monitor predecessor activities by selecting task type, lag, and other parameters.


Lucid project tracking.

iFieldSmart keeps track of every detail of your construction scheduling and communicates that detail to every team member. It becomes intelligible for contractors and sub-contractors to understand the critical path and schedule their work accordingly. Quick project tracking reduces the time to receive answers which improve field productivity.


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