Capture your site swiftly with 360° Photo Documentation.

In construction, 360 photo documentation has become a cornerstone practice, revolutionizing project management. Utilizing specialized cameras, professionals capture immersive images of job sites, offering a comprehensive view of progress and potential issues. These images serve as invaluable references, aiding in project analysis, stakeholder communication, and quality control. By embracing this technology, construction industry experts enhance collaboration, streamline decision-making processes, and ensure efficient project completion, marking a significant advancement in construction documentation practices.

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  • Bullet Unlock government inspection transparency with seamless integration of ticket, asset, and space management systems, powered by real-time on-premise field data.
  • Bullet Bridge 2D plans and BIM models seamlessly with high-resolution construction photos for comprehensive project visualization.
  • Bullet Meticulously document project progress and mitigate risks with pre-close-in inspections, crafting a timeline of progress pictures.
  • Bullet Streamline Operations and Maintenance (O&M) with integrated issue tracking. Generate RFIs, manage punch-list items, and effortlessly track them through our user-friendly portal.
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Procore Integration
  • Bullet Effortless data exchange between Procore and iFieldSmart.
  • Bullet Streamlined management of RFIs, Submittals, and Observations.
  • Bullet Flexible data management to tailor sync preferences between iFieldSmart and Procore.
  • Bullet Direct upload functionality for RFIs, Submittals, & Observations from iFieldSmart to Procore.

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 Asbuilt Progress Documentation
Asbuilt Progress Documentation

Effortlessly document site progress with our Asbuilt and Field Progress Documentation feature. Walk through your jobsite with a 360 camera and let our AI technology handle the rest.

  • Bullet Revolutionize site documentation with seamless 360 camera capture.
  • Bullet Effortlessly capture your entire jobsite for comprehensive documentation.
  • Bullet Enhance inspection readiness with AI-powered behind-the-scenes processing.
  • Bullet Simplify issue creation during walkthroughs with one-click image capture.
  • Bullet Ensure thorough site documentation and streamline inspections for optimal project management.
Connect Data to Asbuilt
Connect Data to Asbuilt

Effortlessly streamline project management tasks with our 'Maintain & Connect Data to Asbuilt' feature. Seamlessly inspect, punchlist, and create issues and RFIs on 360 site photos while integrating existing data for enhanced collaboration.

  • Bullet Elevate project management efficiency with seamless integration of "Maintain & Connect Data to Asbuilt" feature.
  • Bullet Seamlessly inspect, punchlist, and create issues and RFIs on 360 site photos.
  • Bullet Streamline collaboration by connecting existing drawings, RFIs, submittals, and more for comprehensive project documentation.
  • Bullet Enhance project documentation accuracy and completeness.
  • Bullet Optimize project workflows and streamline communication for improved efficiency and productivity.
Progress Tracking
Progress Tracking

Experience seamless project progress monitoring with our Progress Tracking feature. Capture and compare before-and-after progress with comprehensive records, aiding in efficient issue resolution and documentation.

  • Bullet Enhance project insight and oversight with our Progress Tracking feature.
  • Bullet Capture periodic rough-in videos and photographs for comprehensive record-keeping.
  • Bullet Aid clients in addressing critical issues and maintaining accurate documentation.
  • Bullet Facilitate efficient issue resolution and project success.
  • Bullet Compare before and after progress for improved understanding and analysis.
Streamlined O&M Integration
Streamlined O&M Integration

Experience enhanced O&M Management with our integrated solution. Connect submittals to 360-degree images for efficient access to critical data, ensuring swift retrieval and seamless operations.

  • Bullet Seamlessly link submittals to 360-degree images for quick access to O&M Manuals and historical records.
  • Bullet Ensure easy retrieval and efficient access to critical information for streamlined O&M Management.
  • Bullet Connect textual data and links directly to site photos to enhance documentation and resource accessibility.
  • Bullet Improve operational efficiency by facilitating swift access to essential information for maintenance tasks.
  • Bullet Empower teams with comprehensive documentation and easy access to critical data for seamless O&M Management.
Integrate BIM Models
Integrate BIM Models

Empower your project teams with our integrated BIM Models solution. Seamlessly compare site photos and BIM models for comprehensive project inspection and analysis, driving efficiency and accuracy.

  • Bullet Enhance project oversight with integrated BIM Models.
  • Bullet Align 360-degree progress images with BIM models for accurate reports.
  • Bullet Easily compare site photos and BIM models for comprehensive inspection.
  • Bullet Improve efficiency and accuracy in project advancement tracking.
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