Lens360, 360 field documentation

Enable transparency in government inspections by seamlessly integrating your ticket, asset, and space (FM) management system with real-time on-premise field data.

Lens360, 360 field documentation

Bridge your 2D plans and BIM models to high-resolution construction photographs for a comprehensive project visualization.

Lens360, 360 field documentation

Effectively oversee project progress and mitigate risks through meticulous documentation of existing conditions and pre-close-in inspections crafting a timeline of progress pictures.

Lens360, 360 field documentation

Streamline your Operations and Maintenance (O&M) with integrated issue tracking. Generate RFIs, manage punch-list items, and effortlessly track them through our user-friendly portal.

Capture your site swiftly with 360° Photo Documentation.

In construction, 360 photo documentation has become a cornerstone practice, revolutionizing project management. Utilizing specialized cameras, professionals capture immersive images of job sites, offering a comprehensive view of progress and potential issues. These images serve as invaluable references, aiding in project analysis, stakeholder communication, and quality control. By embracing this technology, construction industry experts enhance collaboration, streamline decision-making processes, and ensure efficient project completion, marking a significant advancement in construction documentation practices.

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Lens360, 360 field documentation
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Lens360, 360 field documentation
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Actionable Insights

Capture & Track: Take a captivating journey through time as we place two images of the same room in tandem, allowing you to witness the fascinating progression that has unfolded between these snapshots from different dates. Join us in exploring the captivating evolution of these spaces over a period of time.

Risk Management

Enhance Risk Management: Capture periodic rough-in photographs, particularly before reaching the final stages, to establish a comprehensive record of your system's as-built locations. This proactive approach aids your clients in effectively addressing critical issues and maintaining accurate documentation of as-built conditions for future reference.

O & M

Streamlined O&M Integration: Seamlessly connect your submittals to 360-degree images for swift access to O&M Manuals and historical records, ensuring easy retrieval and efficient access to critical information.

Progress Tracking (GC)

Enhance Progress Monitoring: Capture weekly 360-degree progress images and align them with the BIM model for an accurate and visual progress report. This approach facilitates precise billing and scheduling updates, providing a clearer picture of your project's advancement.


  • Limited Visualization
  • Incomplete Documentation
  • Communication Barriers
  • Quality Control Issues
  • Inefficient Problem-Solving

With Lens360

  • Immersive 360-degree views of construction sites
  • Clear and efficient communication by providing visual context.
  • Create a digital record for project analysis and quality control.
  • Identify defects, structural issues, or deviations from plans.
  • Quick issue identification and resolution and reduction in on-site visits.

Why is Lens360 so important for your construction project?

More than 45%

Construction projects often do not finish within the agreed-upon timeframe.

More than 40%

Construction projects exceed their budgeted costs.

More than 30%

Construction projects frequently fail to meet the anticipated outcomes.



Lens360, 360 field documentation
Lens360, 360 field documentation
Lens360, 360 field documentation
Lens360, 360 field documentation
Lens360, 360 field documentation
Revolutionizing construction visual documentation with Lens360.
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