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iFieldsmart Technology supports its users and clients providing technology and solutions through premium construction management software, team management software, and cloud storage solutions.

With a comprehensive suite of products and broad expertise, we make sure you leverage significant benefits from our applications at the perfect price – all in the interest of your business model.

Web-Based 3D Model

Enhance visualization power by using our 3D file viewer

Stay Connected

Enhance visualization power by using our 3D file viewer

Bulk Load Optimization

Enhance visualization power by using our 3D file viewer

Real-Time Statistics

Enhance visualization power by using our 3D file viewer


iFBIM for BIM projects

Cloud based information management solution that makes sharing and collaboration easier within dispersed project individuals.


iFCloud - Harmonize your data on the cloud with iFCloud Data Storage technology.

Using iFCloud, users can save on legacy storage system through a top-of-the-line cloud ecosystem. Leverage premium storage, collaboration, and security for your data combined with reduced operational costs through affordable cloud storage solutions.


iFMeets for Web Collaboration

A consistent web conferencing reality. Build collaboration through online meetings through multi-platform messaging and file distribution.

iFieldsmart Plug-ins / Apps

Increase BIM project quality and reduce turn-around times with premium-level plugins from iFieldSmart. Manage your data on the cloud through enhanced team collaboration, model comparisons, clash synchronization, bulk functionalities and features, and more.
Take care of all your BIM requirements under one Roof with iFieldSmart!

IFieldModelCompare collects all required model data, then compare two version's data and display their differences. Using this tool the user can understand what is added, modified or removed from the model. You can find the plugin in Autodesk® Navisworks® "Tool Add-ins -> iFieldModelCompare”.

This iFBIM CVP SYNC Plugin allows you to export and import clashes and viewpoints data from iFieldsmart platform. To use this plugin, you need an  “iFieldSmart” account. For more details about an “iFieldSmart” account, please send an e-mail to info@ifieldsmart.com, and we will get back to you within a day.

You can find the Plugin in Autodesk® Navisworks® "Tool Add-ins -> IFBIM CVP SYNC”
It's totally free app and you can download from Autodesk App Store.

AutoViewGenerator discovers all available roomtags and generates 3D View for each room from the current view (floor). The user need to provide one input 'Project Abbreviation' in order to generate desired 3D View of each room. To use this plugin, you must have to login to Autodesk account to use this plugin .

You can find the Plugin in Autodesk® Revit® "iFieldApp-> AutoViewGenerator (AVG)”

MyUpdateFile collects all required information and generates a QR code for selected Autodesk® Revit® sheet-views. The user needs to enter a shared link and select specific printing setting and sheets in order to generate the QR code. You can find the Plugin in Revit "iFieldApp-> MyUpdateFile”

To use this plugin, you must be logged in to Autodesk account.


iFieldBIMDataExtracter gets all 3D Views for this the user need to select a 3D View from a given list and give two inputs - Project Name and Trade Type - in order to extract the desired assets data. It shows assets data and allows the user to Export all of this data in XML file format.

AutoSleeveDimension finds all available sleeves (Specialty Equipment) and draws dimensions to the nearest horizontal and vertical gridline for current view (floor). The user need to provide two inputs - 'Sleeve Type' and 'Dimension Type' - in order to draw desired dimensions. It also allows the user to view dimension details, adding the suffix to dimensions with a click.

To use this plugin, you will must login to Autodesk account to use the plugin .

You can find the Plugin in Autodesk® Revit® "iFieldApp-> AutoSleeveDimension (ASD)”

The aim of this app is to organize, extend and speed up the clash test process after performing Autodesk® Navisworks® Clash test. It boosts the process and action after running the Clash test which includes the following actions; 'Find and Assign to trade', 'Grouping', 'Rename Clash', 'Rename ViewPoints' and 'Merging'. The complete plugin has been designed to keep the process and actions usually performed by users to scale up the Clash Test. The plugin is an integrated kit of actions: Assigned to, Grouping, Rename Clash, Rename Viewpoints and Merging.

This is the default process after running Clash tests regardless of the project you are working. iFieldsmart ClashViewPointManager picks up the most and default action and put them in flow which is best to speed up the process. 

Influencing the modern future
We are here to kick start a Cloud Revolution

We are here to Kickstart a Construction Revolution!

It is our mission to make Construction Industry More Effective and Productive. iFieldsmart is a modern holistic cloud solution for the best construction management software & solutions integrated with team management software, web conferencing applications, and cloud storage solutions for users and enterprises. Personalize your cloud experience with productive meetings, work better with your colleagues through construction project management software, and get your data to move with you using iFCloud.

We genuinely believe that construction is at the heart of the economy and providing construction management solutions could undoubtedly lead the organization at the expected level.

iFieldsmart is full-stack cloud IT store for the modern user. Our performance boosting products provide a complete application suite to empower construction companies and individuals to enhance project performance and leverage greater productivity at all levels of project execution.