BIM Software


BIM Your Project.

Reinforce your field capabilities with quick access to dependable BIM data on the palm of your hands.

  • + Remarkable BIM performance
  • + Diminished Risk capabilities
  • + Build to project and owner expectations


Fly Your BIM.

Quickly visualize 3D models and drawings on the fly. Connect back-office teams with field personnel.

  • + Built for the field
  • + Amplify clash-detection & resolution capabilities
  • + Witness informed decision-making


Diminish Field Waste.

Be certain building components are built and installed seamlessly – before laying concrete.

  • + Cancel out field installation inaccuracies
  • + Better cost efficiencies
  • + Build team communication


BIM Collaboration.

Leverage real-time and efficient workflows for field teams to acquire “interference-free” 3D models.

  • + Tether design, field, and operations faster
  • + Share data-rich models, drawings, and other deliverables in a matter of minutes
  • + Improve design validity and project reliability
  • + Economize time

BIM Collaboration capabilities.

Acquire quick and complete access to authentic BIM information with advanced BIM tools – no matter where your project is.



When 2D drawings are instantly accessible teams can communicate what matters and what is acceptable. Clean and updated drawings set the technical foundation for project objectives and functionality.



Fly your project documents with cloud-based storage to cancel out “what if” scenarios during preconstruction, construction, and operations.



Graphical trade-wise and level-wise reports identify and resolve potential risks. Track project goals at various stages for greater attention to detail, risk management, accurate monitoring, better cost management, and lean building.



Fast, easy, and refined RFI management for your projects to be cost-effective and high-quality. Record and track RFIs with easy reviews and greater RFI control.


3D Models

Advanced model-viewing capabilities to augment visualization.


Clash detection

Manage and resolve clashes with simple and proactive interference-detection.



Transform your construction projects with a secure distribution of submittals to keep project plans on schedule with lightweight and flexible processes.


Task Management

An intuitive interface drives quick and easy task management. Assign tasks and save their progress to track project milestones.


Photos and 360 imaging

Link 2D plans and 3D BIM models to high-resolution images. Manage project progress with actionable insights, drive better risk management, and track project progress through photos and 360 imaging.

BIM information

Connect BIM data and people on one platform with design collaboration software to engineer sustainable buildings

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BIM information

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