Construction Analytics Software


Put every decisive number to use.

An all-in-one construction analytics solution that transforms field data into insightful BI.


Make every number count.

Data is critical when tracking clashes, RFIs, and Submittals. Apply smart filters to access granular data for tradewise or levelwise issues.

  • Bullet + Keep track of every project clash with an overall clash report
  • Bullet + Manage levelwise information of RFIs
  • Bullet + Leverage total clash management with clashes, viewpoints, and user viewpoints
  • Bullet + Monitor tradewise RFIs with status changes from Open, Closed, and Overdue
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Identify patterns and improve forecasting.

Turn your most powerful ally – Data, into actionable and consequential insights to produce winning construction projects and business.

  • Bullet + Take control of your project with historical data and forecasting
  • Bullet + Pull trends from a greater dataset
  • Bullet + Analyze data patterns with AI-integrated tools and technology
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Learn how you use data for construction management.

Understanding how data works are key for efficient construction management. iFieldSmart Technologies supports teams and stakeholders with customized report generation.

  • Bullet + Utilize powerful visualization integrated with accurate and complete data snapshots
  • Bullet + Leverage customized reports for issue management, RFI reports, and Submittal reports
  • Bullet + Get a clear view of overall, tradewise, and levelwise issues pre-loaded with status changes including Open, Closed, and Overdue
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Take complete control of your project bottomline

Terminate the use of complex and outdated spreadsheets, gusesswork, and paper-based systems. Utilize core AI to automate processes and data.

  • Bullet + Integrate data, reports, schedules, and other parameters to achieve accurate cost management
  • Bullet + Build precise invoicing and forecasts with real-time data analysis
  • Bullet + Connect every individual and stakeholder to a single source of truth
  • Bullet + Boost your profit margins with improved data-driven insights
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