Document Management Software for Construction

Utilizing construction document management software simplifies the navigation, distribution, and uploading of project documentation, providing seamless access from any location. iFieldSmart's construction document management software empowers users to securely access and upload project documents at their convenience, fostering efficient collaboration among team members. Implementation of a construction document management system facilitates a transition towards a virtually paperless operation for your company.

Cloud Based Construction Document Management Software

Say Goodbye to Paper Tigers: Embrace Cloud-Based Document Management Software for Construction

iFieldSmart is a perfect Cloud based construction document management software suitable for Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises in Construction industry. This document management system includes various functions like Document Storage, Archiving & Retention, Compliance Management for Construction industry. It provides fundamental modules like Asset Management, Document Management, Email Integration and more. Numerous features are available with this solution, such as contact manager, cloud computing, case management, and more.

Specifically created for the construction sector, our construction document software systems helps make sure that crucial information about your company is accessible when you need it.

These technologies save time by eliminating the need to create several reports and spreadsheets, file paper documents, and search for them. This helps to streamline daily operations.

Why do you need Construction Document Management Software?

Construction Document Management Software (CDMS) is essential for modern construction projects due to its multifaceted benefits. Firstly, CDMS centralizes project documentation, ensuring easy access and organization of critical files, drawings, and plans. Secondly, it facilitates seamless collaboration among project stakeholders by enabling real-time sharing and commenting on documents from any location. Moreover, CDMS enhances project efficiency by automating document workflows, reducing errors, and minimizing delays in approvals and revisions. Additionally, it enhances security by providing robust access controls and audit trails, safeguarding sensitive project information. CDMS streamlines project management processes, saving time, reducing costs, and ensuring project success.

Document Management Software for Construction

Engineered to cater to the intricate needs of the construction industry.

Transition away from the constraints of paper-based workflows and immerse yourself in the advanced capabilities of cloud-based Document Management Software.

iFieldSmart Technologies stands as the quintessential cloud-based construction document management software, meticulously crafted to cater to startups, SMEs, agencies, and enterprises within the construction industry. Engineered with a comprehensive suite of features including document storage, archiving, retention, and compliance management, it epitomizes efficiency and compliance in construction document workflows.

Its core modules encompass asset management, document management, email integration, and beyond, furnishing users with an unparalleled array of tools tailored to industry-specific needs. Delving deeper, its feature-rich solution encompasses contact management, cloud computing, case management, and more, ensuring a holistic approach to construction document management.

Specifically engineered for the rigors of the construction sector, our software system ensures seamless accessibility to critical company information precisely when it's needed. By obviating the need for extensive report creation, spreadsheet management, and manual document filing, these technologies usher in a new era of operational efficiency, ultimately streamlining daily operations and enhancing overall productivity.

Construction Document Management Software
Key Features of Construction Document Management Software and Tools

Construction document management software (CDMS) offers a wide range of features designed to streamline document handling and collaboration in the construction industry.

Document storage and management

Centralized repository

Store all project documents in one secure, accessible location, eliminating the need for multiple folders and spreadsheets.

Document search and retrieval

Easily find documents using advanced search features with filters and keywords.

Version control

Track document changes, ensuring everyone works with the latest version and preventing confusion.

Annotation tools

Mark up documents with comments, highlights, and annotations for efficient collaboration.

Collaboration and communication

Real-time document sharing

Share documents instantly with project stakeholders for faster collaboration and decision-making.

Role-based access control

Grant different levels of access to documents based on user roles and permissions.

Task management and notifications

Assign tasks, set deadlines, and receive notifications about document updates and actions.

Discussion forums and comments

Facilitate real-time communication and feedback on documents within the platform.

Workflow automation

Automated workflows

Pre-define workflows for document approvals, routing, and other tasks, saving time and effort.

Customizable forms

Create custom forms for capturing project data and automating data entry.


Integrate with other construction software, like project management and accounting systems, for seamless data exchange.

Security and compliance

Secure document storage

Protect sensitive project information with robust security measures like encryption and access control.

Audit trails

Track document activity and user access for compliance and accountability.

Disaster recovery

Ensure data security and accessibility with backup and recovery options.

Additional features

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Automatically extract text from scanned documents for easy search and editing.

Markups and redlining

Collaborate on documents with markups and redlining tools.

Reporting and analytics

Gain insights into document usage and project progress with reports and dashboards.

Offline access

Access and edit documents even without an internet connection (depending on software).


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