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The integration of iFieldSmart and Procore streamlines the review process for Submittals, RFIs & Drawings, enabling on field and off field teams to swiftly assess items on an independent platform. It effortlessly transfers items from the contractor's Procore project to the consultant's iFieldSmart project so, you don't have to switch back & forth.

Once the review is done within iFieldSmart, the response is automatically sent back to Procore. This integration allows the construction team to operate within Procore, while the design team collaborates seamlessly within iFieldSmart Technologies.

iFieldSmart into Procore integrate

How our integration with Procore helps you manage RFIs, Submittals, and Drawings.


Easy drawings sync from Procore to iFieldSmart for independent collaboration within your organization


Achieve complete drawings sync without manual downloads & upload in your database

Sync drawings

Sync drawings with auto trade-based segregation from Procore to iFieldSmart


Garner complete organization control with consistent records



Record RFI Responses

Sync RFI

Sync your RFI’s from Procore to your independent project in iFieldSmart


Record & manage your RFIs independently in iFieldSmart to collaborate & interact with internal teams


Sync or Merge & Maintain your RFIs from Procore into a new RFI or with an existing RFI

AI construction management software

Connected construction with iFieldSmart-Procore integration.

  • Tired of RFIs getting lost in a flood of notifications and causing delays? iFieldSmart offers an organized ecosystem for seamless, autonomous task management within your organization.
  • Struggling with field productivity due to communication gaps on and off the field? iFieldSmart's seamless integration with Procore enables smooth data transfer, simplifying task management for your organization.
  • Concerned about managing two separate software solutions? With iFieldSmart, responses are automatically sent back to Procore upon review, ensuring a streamlined workflow for your construction, design, on-field teams, and key stakeholders.

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