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AU 2022 Expo

Experience the next big thing in construction tech. Discover new possibilities and partners to transform your business.

The journey to AU 2022 begins

Meet us at booth #CON339 on September 27th - 29th where we bring out our new construction management software. Witness our platform in action as “One” dashboard simplifies field management with numerous products for multiple solutions.

iFieldSmart is a construction management platform for all of your on-site needs. Our platform and accompanying mobile app break down data silos, connect remote teams, build on project efficiencies, and help all teams stay updated on the latest project information and share changes in real-time from design to closeout.

Designed for use by general contractors, owners, subcontractors and architects, our platform also integrates apps your team is already using like Procore, Outlook, Autodesk Revit and Zapier.

Lens 360 – Visualize the present and what needs to be perceived further.

Draw actionable intuition.

Side-by-side visual comparisons support teams to understand jobsite progress over a specific location and time.

Promote risk management.

Enhance As-Built documentation before a close-out to manage critical issues with periodic rough-in pictures.

Drive Operations and Management.

Link pictures to submittals for O and M integration. Quick download project manuals and preserve jobsite history with 360 photo documentation.

Realistic Progress Tracking.

Compare 3D BIM models with pictures and drawings to monitor project progress and produce accurate scheduling and billing.