iFieldSmart: Safety Management Software for Construction

Construction Health and Safety Management is critical to helping organizations identify gaps in their safety programs and processes, proactively mitigate risk, and protect workers. With iFieldSmart Construction Health and Safety Software, you can do inspections, provide training, monitor incidents, and much more. Our software, which was created specifically for the construction sector, gives construction safety experts the tools they need to effectively do the activities required to raise compliance and safety.

For the construction business, iFieldSmart Technologies provides a cloud-based workplace for construction safety management software system with online certification, audits, and inspections, as well as incident tracking that is easy to use. iFieldSmart is a construction safety app that provides contractors with the tools and resources they need to effectively manage their safety programs and keep their workers safe. iFieldSmart is more than a construction safety app. It is a complete construction safety management software for contractors It not only helps them better manage their health and safety programs but also helps them identify and control their health and safety risks. As well as inform workers and help workplaces comply

Construction Safety Inspection Software

Stay Safe, Build Smart: Empowering Construction Safety with Powerful Inspection Software

Protects your workforce and prevents accidents.

In the dynamic world of construction, where risks loom and safety is paramount, Construction Safety Inspection Software rises as your shield and sword. It goes beyond checklists and paper trails, offering a digital fortress against potential hazards, empowering proactive protection and building success brick by digital brick.

Our Construction Safety Inspection Software features automated safety dashboards and reporting in addition to standardized surveys and managed checklists and real-time construction reporting and monitoring.

The complete construction safety management software

Configure the platform in accordance with your construction safety management software program's specifications.

Your teams have the ability to submit near-miss, incident, BBS, and JSA reports, which provide you with immediate insights into possible problems before they become serious accidents.

Instantaneous reporting

Employees can upload images, scan QR codes, and submit forms to conduct equipment and asset inspections while out in the field.

Equipment & Asset Administration

Easily manage your training and certification requirements to digitise your processes and save hours.

Management of Certification & Training

Construction Health and Safety Software isn't just software, it's your safety partner, offering

Reduced accidents and injuries

Proactive identification and mitigation of hazards translates to a safer work environment for everyone.

Lower insurance costs

Demonstrated safety measures and improved compliance can lead to lower insurance premiums.

Increased productivity

Streamlined inspections and efficient communication minimize downtime and delays.

Empowered workforce

Equip your team with the tools and knowledge to actively participate in safety culture.

Enhanced reputation

Showcase your commitment to safety and quality, attracting clients and talent.


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