Reassuring construction business continuity with Online Web Conferencing Software

Architects, Owners, and General Contractors are under constant pressure to deliver construction projects on budget and time. The construction industry is witnessing a sudden down-curve in the wake of the COVID – 19 Coronavirus outbreaks. The AEC sector has been hit with grave challenges viz. labor and material shortage, lack of project collaboration, unclear project scope, financial pullbacks, general contractors facing legal issues, inability to travel for meetings, onsite labor health, and safety, etc.

  • Higher cost and time savings

Architects, general contractors, and project stakeholders are turning to video conferencing software to hold collaboration meetings with various teams from all corners of the globe. An online web conference helps project stakeholders save on travel costs and time.

  • Making meetings easy and transparent with screen-sharing

With top-notch screen sharing capabilities, AEC teams can make an online meeting transparent, easy-to-understand, share construction documents like plans or drawings, 3D models, etc. With high-end communication and collaboration, projects can be accelerated to save on cost and time.

  • Replay your meetings and presentations with ease

Video conferencing software has meeting recording capabilities, wherein every piece of project meeting can be recorded for future reviews. As construction companies work on several projects simultaneously, it can be quite daunting and unproductive for architects, project managers, engineers, etc. to visit each site for daily meetings. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, it also calls for caution in terms of the general welfare of onsite labor.

Set up web conferencing software with absolutely no IT support

With no IT support whatsoever, video conferencing software serves as the best solution for project managers, general contractors, and other stakeholders to conduct meetings based on specific projects or an agenda. Being a cloud-based platform, it helps AEC professionals access data or information from anywhere, and at any time. Data compartmentalization is key to breakdown complex projects into smaller versions to streamline the process and stay organized.

Engage your team members with digital whiteboarding

Amongst other features, whiteboarding is key for project stakeholders to make notes, point out errors, add data, etc. and share it with other team members. Changes made during whiteboarding can be saved, edited, and collaborated on with various team members.

Plan your meetings with calendars & notifications

With web-based web collaboration software, project teams can schedule meetings using smart calendars that notify project stakeholders on important meetings.

To summarize, video conferencing platforms offers benefits like :

  • Optimized communication and collaboration
  • Enhanced workforce and project productivity
  • Reduced traveling and enhanced time savings
  • Better ROI with optimized project management

Wrapping it up

The AECO industry needs to adapt and implement web conferencing software frequently. With high-quality audio and video, meetings and presentations can be handled with ease. This expedites the decision-making process and keeps projects on budget and time. Quick meetings and multiple meeting rooms will continue to make presentations and meetings more efficient, productive, and garner better project deliverables. 

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iFieldSmarts construction management software tool is a cloud-based platform built for Architect, Owners, Subcontractor & General contractors to manage projects smarter. Serve across the United States USA, Canada, New york, UK & Worldwide.

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