Interesting Ideas on making your chats fun and meaningful with Doodle Creativity

Associating fun, creativity, positive thinking, and engagement with doodle art is a compelling art form that helps kids relax & think better. Doodle relieves stress for kids, and it healthy activity to perform. You may often find drawings of geometric design, flowers, homes, or random scribbles on your child’s notebook. The art of doodling can benefit your child in so many ways. Besides augmenting memory, it also helps enhance cognitive function & motor skills. 

Here are the top 5 reasons you would want your kids to doodle.

Reason # 1

Doodle is fun and much more than an art form!!

Scientific studies have suggested that doodling is a great way for kids to relax, focus, retain information, fuel creativity, and stay healthy.

Reason # 2

Doodle helps you build creative insight!

Doodling helps stimulate areas of the brain that stay dormant. Doodles help you analyze information differently. According to experts, kids can light up various networks in the brain, and engage information differently. This can lead to kids solving problems easily, and it becomes easier to improve communication and fuel ideas. If your kids like to think in pictures, then doodling is the next best thing for them.

Reason # 3

It helps process emotions easily.

Studies and research have shown that doodling can process emotions in terms of thinking and feeling. If you think journaling is a great way to open your feelings and thoughts, then you can boost it by adding doodles to your journal. Doodles help express and recognize your emotions.

Reason # 4

Doodling helps alleviate stress.

The repetitive motion of a pen in repetitive patterns makes it more relaxing. As stress originates from the fear of making a mistake, with doodling there is never a mistake due to its simplicity. Drawing a continuous line that crosses itself & coloring it helps kids unwind.  

Reason # 5

It helps kids learn better.

In a state of diffused thinking, the brain settles into a resting mood with the creation of ideas and information. Focusing on a topic or subject your kid is trying to learn can be achieved better by mode of doodling. It helps kids learn & concentrate better.


As you can see from the above article, doodling for kids has significant benefits. Modern video conferencing tools provide users with doodle features for kids to make chats meaningful and fun. With better engagement, the education sector can leverage virtual learning to fuel creativity, release stress, and make learning more fun.  Visit us: –

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