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Data is the most important piece of the puzzle for construction projects and firms. Nonetheless, general contractors are plagued by a series of challenges due to data inaccuracies and incompleteness, scattered information, poor collaboration, and more. But, data placed and accessed from within powerful dashboards of best-in-class construction management software, can release project challenges resulting in projects being handed over on time and within budget.

Preemptive planning, updated drawing sets, quick and easy processing of RFIs and Submittals, visual task and schedule management, reports, and analytics are exceptional tools for General Contractors to achieve desired construction outcomes enriched with high quality.

Data packaged within digital platforms drive better solutions.

A good number of general contractors utilize traditional or silo processes and tools like paper, spreadsheets, etc. to achieve field outcomes. Legacy software or tools are unable to effectively and efficiently manage data within complicated and outdated software. This results in costly rework, inaccuracies, incompleteness, field clashes, and labor shortage. General Contractors are bound to stay on calls for hours or visit the job site multiple times due to a lack of data visualization in the field for multiple teams.

The existence of solid construction management software like iFIeldSmart Technologies provides purpose-built tools for general contractors to stream data in real time and manage people through software at the same time. The removal of data silos, broken processes, and outdated software supports contractors to stay informed and communicate project updates from a single source of truth.

“Task and schedule management through iFieldSmart dashboards has made it possible to get data in one place and reduce the use of paper-based systems or spreadsheets.”

Made by construction professionals for construction.

Some contracting companies use an in-house software workforce to build and deploy construction management platforms but fail to build tools that produce the desired project impact. Software limitations tend to create greater challenges than solutions leading to a completely chaotic software ecosystem resulting in damaged construction management. If general contractors are frequently forced to go back and forth between analog processes and malfunctioning digital platforms, it would lead to a complete scenario of construction projects collapsing within mid-level stages.

Construction planning needs to be preemptive and reinforced by powerful and purpose-built construction management tools and dashboards. Making the process from preconstruction to construction and closeout seamless requires data accuracy, completeness, and reliability at each project stage. Contractors struggling to get desired field outcomes must utilize iFieldSmart Technologies for greater simplicity, yet high performance.

“Our previous construction management software could not manage complex projects. Making large investments in this software led to greater problems, than solutions for our project and firm. Switching to iFieldSmart Technologies has transformed outcomes by miles and got us back on track and cash flow positive.“

Take Guesswork out of the Equation.

Human intervention to a great degree creates project errors. General Contractors need to take up multiple roles and responsibilities including management, manufacturing, and field installation. Traditional tools used in demanding and fast-track projects cannot cope with the needs of general contractors or contracting firms. Informed decision-making, updated drawing sets, accurate and complete RFIs, proactive task management, precise scheduling, etc. are crucial building activities that need data-driven construction management platforms, like iFieldSmart Technologies to simplify their project equation.  

Cloud-reinforced solutions from iFieldSmart Technologies support contracting firms to stream accurate, complete, and collaborative data in real time. Coordinating with multiple trades in the cloud with updated drawings enriched by Markups, multiple integrations, and other collaboration tools ensures every stakeholder works on the same deliverable.

Using more data to handle data.

At various stages of the project lifecycle, contractors can waste valuable hours coordinating fragmented data sets through laborious meetings. Spending long hours in unproductive meetings creates frustrating scenarios for various teams. With improved workforce planning through real-time collaboration, the right data set is put forth to align synergies.

Schedule a quick demo with iFieldSmart Technologies to discover how data-driven construction management software can garner outstanding outcomes for general contractors to track projects for greater control, be cash flow positive, and achieve planned timelines.  

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