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Documenting your meeting is a vital step for an effective and successful video conferencing call. Construction meeting minutes are notes used to record the discussion and crucial takeaways of what was discussed during a construction meeting.

Every project stakeholder viz. architects, contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, and other stakeholders are expected to be present for weekly and monthly meetings. Recording and documenting progress help project stakeholders take notes, resolve errors, or track resolved errors.

Why should meeting hosts record and keep meeting minutes?

The primary reason for recording meeting minutes is its prime importance. Meeting minutes shouldn’t be considered as throwaway notes. Meeting minutes in construction acts as an accurate representation of project status, trades, and project plans. Meeting minutes form the backbone of report keeping and construction reporting.

Meeting minutes foster effective communication and collaboration by serving as an important piece of documentation. Another reason why meeting minutes are important as project stakeholders do not forget important information about a meeting or minor nuances that have an impact on the outcome of the project.

Construction meeting minutes can be used to inform and action activities and decisions about task prioritization and share important takeaways and findings with other trades and teams. While it is easy to participate in a meeting or just listen, and thinking project stakeholders can memorize meeting events, it would be better to record meeting minutes through virtual meeting software.

An example of a meeting minute recording with iFMeets can be leveraged for better meeting outcomes.

Construction meeting minutes in a virtual meeting software like iFMeets highlights your meeting structure and template. Project stakeholders can organize their meetings in whatever way it suits their projects. But, it has a myriad of benefits and functions in terms of admin, design, safety, and more. Properly organizing your virtual meetings helps better record & prioritize discussions during a meeting. It also makes sending actions and notes to owners to make functions easier. You’ll also notice that video conferencing software like iFMeets enables agenda-based virtual meetings. It also structures your notes in a way to make it actionable.

Every agenda item has discussion points and actions that help improve project progress and solve outstanding issues.

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So, what are the things that you need to record during a construction meeting?

What project stakeholders record and process during meetings is up to them. Keeping your meeting minutes actionable and organized is crucial in turning meeting minutes into a positive project driver. There are some specific items and must-haves in your meeting minutes.

  • Meeting duration
  • Meeting location
  • Meeting attendees
  • Meeting Apologies

Major construction categories that need to be covered are –

  • Design
  • Program items and discussions
  • Administrative items
  • Environmental plans and issues
  • Safety activities
  • Procurement
  • Contractual and commercial
  • Project quality

Collectively, these form a strong baseline for your meeting minutes and will cover most of the required activities on a week-to-week basis. Action columns or structure added to these categories can action them appropriately.

Are you looking to improve how you capture, organize, and analyze your meeting minutes?

Managing meeting minutes can be difficult and time-consuming. Capturing and keeping meeting minutes organized becomes easy when AEC firms and teams use iFMeets as your dedicated virtual meeting software.

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