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When it comes to construction field operations collaboration and other challenges are common, yet require a powerful solution to be resolved a the earliest. Any form of challenge between electrical subcontractors and other specialty contractors or other onsite teams can lead to project delays, budget overruns, onsite hazards, and other issues. One problem could lead to another driving severities causing a negative project impact.

Specialty contractors including electrical subcontractors need to embrace advanced construction management software or technology to improve field outcomes and productivity. The following blog will reveal the influence of top construction management solutions that influence onsite operations.

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Electrical subcontractors face the following challenges in the field viz. shortage of experienced electrical personnel, inability to stay on schedule and budget, mismanagement of engineered drawings, and poor onsite safety.

Legacy or manual processes and tools are obsolete giving rise to serious challenges that can produce a serious impact on business operations for electrical subcontractors. Onsite teams who leverage modern and data-driven construction management software can:

  • Spend less time on administrative tasks
  • Manage drawing sets quicker and better
  • Improve task allocation and time with proactive task management
  • Save money and time on RFI and Submittal creation
  • Achieve greater progress tracking through side-by-side comparisons of – 3D models, drawings, 360 photos, or images
  • Leverage in-depth reports to improve progress accuracy and visualization

There are various capabilities electrical contractors can utilize to improve their project bottom-line. Cloud-based construction management platforms can –

  • Foster greater collaboration leading to hassle-free installations  

Electrical subcontractors need to collaborate with mechanical trades including HVAC experts, plumbing subcontractors, and other design team professionals during actual field operations. The use of construction management software can infuse coordination and collaboration between electrical subcontractors and other disciplines through a centralized and powerful dashboard.

Cloud-based construction management apps support electrical subcontractors and other specialty contractors with exceptional sheet management, quick and real-time markups, RFI and Submittal integration, issue management, etc. Streamlining workflows encourages more time working and less time waiting in the field.

  • Save onsite time encouraging higher efficiency

The majority of electrical subcontractors connect with other trades via phone or heaps of email trails. Working through inaccurate and fragmented data can create a series of field challenges. The presence of every data piece on a single platform makes it very clear for electrical subcontractors and other trades to access vital information quickly and easily.

Preemptive task management with timesheets helps electrical subcontractors keep complete track of project progress. Managing projects from a remote location through apps in the palm of your hand promotes informed decision-making. Preemptive RFI and Submittal management saves time during actual construction and cancels out rework.    

  • Reduce costly construction rework

Consistently changing field conditions, inefficient drawing management, wrong RFI, and submittal management, inaccurate task allocation, and other challenges lead to expensive rework. Streaming real-time data into construction management software like iFieldSmart technologies keeps every team updated.

Comprehensive field management through powerful dashboards leads to a reduction in change orders, lower RFI count, and enhanced submittal management. Augmented sheet management with QR code integration, issue reinforcements, markups, etc. promotes accurate and hassle-free onsite work.      

  • Better organization and management in a highly scalable environment

As projects become more complex and bigger, electrical subcontractors cannot handle larger operations and increasing manpower. A scalable electrical contracting company requires efficient construction crew management to achieve efficient operations. Smaller firms transcending into larger ones need a strong construction management solution to resolve field issues before they turn into cost and time-impacting issues. Augmented task management with time sheets, timeliner capabilities, design automation, and other features can support electrical subcontractors manage field operations at once.

  • Lead to planned closeouts and handovers

Project files like drawings, RFIs, Submittals, AR/VR files, and other documentation saved in a single repository with accurate and complete data promotes improved closeouts and handovers. Producing a digital snapshot of the project with comprehensive data streaming promotes a strong handover for Owners and Facilities Managers.      

Key takeaways.

Due to the complex nature of the construction sector, electrical subcontractors and other personnel are plagued by challenges that need a spontaneous solution. Furthermore, the use of top construction management software by electrical contractors has gained significant traction to produce budget-centric, timely, and quality construction deliverables. iFieldSmart Technologies is considered to be one of the most powerful construction management platforms for specialty contractors to stay competitive. Request a live demo to know more about the high-impact capabilities offered by iFieldSmart construction management tools.

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