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How iFieldSmart Technologies connects teams, workflows,

and information at various construction stages to eliminate

risks, enhance efficiency and augment profits.

1.       The future of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) is Now.

The construction industry has a global impact on the economy and other sectors. More than 10 trillion in revenue or greater than 6% of GDP is a powerful catalyst for growth. The figures are impressive for various other markets around the globe. Nevertheless, the AEC sector sets a strong ground for multiple industries; it provides infrastructure for residential, commercial, healthcare, and various other projects that deliver a significant impact on our lives. By the year 2030, construction throughput on a worldwide scale would reach $17 trillion or more.

As projects continue to display extreme complexities for Architects, General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, Building Engineers, and other stakeholders, traditional processes fail to achieve the required outcomes. Leveraging modern processes and tech offered by iFieldSmart Technologies has transformed modern construction.

Nevertheless, the construction industry is positioned strongly to lower costs, enhance speed, and generate high-impact outcomes. As complexities increase in the construction industry, technologies like big data and collaboration processes need to be connected.

Cloud Collaboration.

Complexities are observed within construction teams spanning multiple locations and projects. Collaboration between project teams and other stakeholders poses challenges that include rework, delays, costs, and risks. Construction collaboration in the traditional sense has been off-balance i.e. multiple parties involved in the supply chain work within their direction and individual models are aggregated by coordination.

The existence of the cloud has enabled project teams to collaborate on complex geometry, real-time data, and other data sets. This has significantly reduced manual intervention leading to lesser errors and gaps along every milestone or lifecycle of the project. Working within the cloud ensures every member stays on the same page from remote locations.

The use of BIG Data.

In the present-day construction scenario, large structured datasets are generated through BIM processes and tools. This has opened countless opportunities for construction intelligence and data mining. Identifying patterns across multiple projects connected with other data sources supports contractors and contracting companies identify stress signatures in the supply chain. Big data evaluation at microscale levels ensures an optimum cash flow and eliminates bid overestimation. Assessing complex patterns improves visibility in the preconstruction stage mitigating risks before they transform into unnecessary and costly problems.

2.       The iFieldSmart Technologies Construction Management Cloud.

The iFieldSmart dashboard is an advanced and powerful cloud-based platform for present-day construction management. The tools span multiple construction phases including design, plan, construction, and maintenance. High-impact features remove the disconnect that plagues the construction sector at multiple levels. With the launch of iFieldSmart Technologies, teams and stakeholders improve decision-making, be predictable, ensure safety, and encourage sustainability.

We eliminate the root cause of multiple field uncertainties that give rise to low margins and greater risks. Powerful insights derived from connected workflows, teams, and data have taken connected construction to an all-new level.  

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Technology Advancements.

Purpose-built tools and dashboards support critical processes and workflows at every project milestone. iFieldSmart Technologies deliver teams and stakeholders to achieve faster solutions. The iFieldSmart Technologies toolset was designed with a granular understanding of industry challenges and the unique requirements of each workflow. The priority was to create software that would resolve field challenges for contractors and sub-contractors with a tailored dashboard. Seamless data movement within multiple toolsets improves data access and accuracy, whilst reducing time and augmenting clarity. As no aspect of construction takes place in silos, miscommunication is greatly reduced, reinforcing project precision and complete project documentation.

Effective and efficient use of data is catalyzing construction transformation which also includes:

  • Connected teams across locations to access real-time data
  • Automation and third-party integrations reduce project schedules by large margins
  • Data provision to leverage insights and improve performance

Using iFieldSmart Technologies, teams can complete and hand over projects faster with cloud-based solutions backed by high performance and simplicity.


iFieldSmart has displayed transformational improvements in the way teams collaborate including contractors, suppliers, and other industry partners. Using construction management software like iFieldSmart has made it simple to create and present accurate bids, and de-risk the trade selection process. In the past, bidding has always latched onto knowledge, old relationships, contractor marketplaces, and other industry partners. Traditional ways of bidding do not hold any ground for modern-day construction projects, and builders need to rely on real-time data, cost forecasting, and other parameters to make informed calls and build new partnerships. As collaboration takes place irrespective of location, successful outcomes are realized.

Predictive intuition.

Beyond connected workflows, data needs to work harder and better for quick and informed decision-making across the project lifecycle. Data shows importance if it provides teams the capacity to draw insights and take necessary steps through actionable intelligence. Predictive intuition supports teams identify, measure, and reduce risks. AI-based tools identify risks and trends and provide the necessary solutions to resolve them before actual construction begins.

iFieldSmart empowers geographically distributed teams to predict, prevent, and manage risks with project data at their fingertips. Greater visibility, improvements in project health, task management, and project-wide performance are key indicators. As clients ask for greater connectivity at various phases, collaboration promotes improved project outcomes and enhanced decision-making.    

3.       Seamlessly Connecting project lifecycles. 

iFieldSmart Technologies delivers best-in-class features that offer simplicity by uniting field teams and the back office. Starting from design to planning, and construction to management, iFieldSmart breaks down project silos, creates data portability, encourages the flow of construction data, and improves project outcomes.       

iFieldSmart Technologies is the next evolution of construction tech to break down project silos. We’ve created the best construction management platform with greater connection, integration, and collaboration. Integration depth ensures greater efficiency, better quality, and lower risks.

Connected construction with iFieldSmart supports teams to utilize data created during the design and construction phases. Staying digital ensures improved decision-making and greater resiliency. Data-backed decisions create a responsive environment to design, plan, construct and manage.


  • Architects, engineers, and other project teams can coordinate, collaborate, and share designs regardless of the project phase or role
  • Simplifying design development improves design collaboration
  • Integrated tools transform designs into detailed document datasets for real-time coordination, improved communication, and error mitigation

Key benefits:

  • Collaborative design
  • Design Authoring   


  • Disastrous outcomes are realized if bid packages are inaccurate, solicitation processes are inefficient, and subcontractor awards are gut-based
  • Strong collaboration between multiple teams and parties creates successful results
  • iFieldSmart delivers a single platform for teams to collaborate in the preconstruction stage
  • Connecting with multiple vendors on a single dashboard reduces risks and sets the project for greater success

 Key benefits:

  • Coordinated BIM
  • QTOs
  • Bidding and Quantification
  • 3D Coordination


  • Fragmented construction leads to uncertainty and offers no control over the outcomes
  • iFieldSmart coordinates data within the dashboard to optimize costs, reduce schedules, improve quality, connect issues, lower RFIs, and connect the back-office and the field
  • The iFieldSmart tool eliminates silos to deliver greater interoperability between data and workflows

Key benefits:

  • Collaboration in the field
  • Safety and Quality
  • Controlled costs
  • Project management
  • Commissioning

Maintenance and Management:

  • Using the iFieldSmart platform, teams can connect asset data generated during design and construction to hand-over and operations
  • The platform support facilities managers oversee maintenance checklists, equipment servicing, and scheduling
  • Every project team gains complete visibility into changes, challenges, and project status
  • It improves visibility for builders leading to greater predictability and profits

Key benefits:

  • Facilities Management and Asset Lifecycle management

Cost Reduction. 

iFieldSmart creates exceptional opportunities for projects to stay within costs. Timely reporting, accurate task management, updated drawings sets, improved schedule, etc. augment subcontractor performance and mitigates risks before construction begins.

Enhanced Quality.

The iFieldSmart platform supports contractors with a high-impact experience during project handover to reduce construction defects, produce accurate and enhanced document sets, and improve client support. Cloud-based technology helps teams leverage updated data, documents, processes, and reviews to optimize the quality of the final deliverables.

Safety Improvements.  

Coordinating logistics, planning, and schedules with construction management tech to ensure onsite safety. By keeping track of tasks, contractors can limit field personnel to hazardous situations. Connected and robust algorithms designed for digital tech reduce risk exposure and field incidents.

Improvements in Schedule.

Our technology supports teams with precise team allocation, and material and resource planning. Simplified planning keeps projects on track, and ensures delivery accuracy. Accurate resource allocation leads to precise schedule durations promoting contractor reliability to hand over projects within timelines. 

Deploy the present and future of Connected Construction.  

iFieldSmart’s vision is understanding and resolving construction challenges at every step of the way. Our construction management technology is simplistic, yet powerful to handle field activities. Rapidly expanding AEC needs require the iFieldSmart platform to be used for a myriad of reasons including safety, sustainability, and predictability.      

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