The cloud has been in existence for more than 20 years, but it has gained significant traction in the last five years. The elevated use of data for businesses has made it imperative for businesses to adopt cloud computing to improve processes, workflows, security, performance, progress, and more. Cloud technology has penetrated the lives of billions of users around the globe. Whether it’s storing data, running media, using social media, etc. cloud computing has been adopted to solve business challenges. Small businesses need to rely on the cloud as it is the new normal.

As workloads move to the cloud, it is time to choose the right cloud platform for applications and use cases. Maximizing the value of cloud investments is key through cost savings, better security, and innovative technologies. Cloud computing serves as a platform to drive innovation, and enable small businesses to buy the resources they require

Here are the top 9 reasons, small businesses should get their businesses on the cloud.

  • Greater business flexibility with cloud computing

Small businesses can leverage cloud computing to solve bandwidth requirements. With cloud-based services at the helm, small business owners can scale up or scale down capacity by taking advantage of flexible cloud-based plans. This helps businesses improve holistic operational costs and efficiency.

Small businesses can leverage tailored cloud storage plans from iFCloud. With three easy plans to select from, namely free, storage lover’s plan, and collaborators cloud, users can take advantage of various features. These features include – unlimited storage, no data download cost, file collaboration, Desktop and Mobile Access, File Versioning, etc.

  • Enhanced data recovery

Losing critical data can be extremely disastrous for any business. It’s not just the loss of data or information, but the amount of money and time that is spent to get it back. Based on a report by CloudRadar, network downtime can cost more than $10,000 per hour.

For small businesses to invest in cloud computing is a reality that needs to be adopted. Based on the expertise and scale of cloud-based applications, small business owners can leverage expedited data recovery.

With the power of redundant cloud storage, users can leverage optimized data recovery. File versioning capabilities ensure you keep copies of every file version in existence.

  • Software updates stay in the past

Small businesses need not worry about continuous software updates. With third-parties taking care of system updates, small businesses can cut down on IT budgets, and invest their time, money, and effort in things that help grow business. Adopting a cloud-based infrastructure can help small companies reduce IT maintenance costs by more than 15%.

  • Cash flow becomes easier

Subscription-based models help small businesses save on huge capital expenses for hardware and software. A flexible and scalable pay-as-you-go model helps small businesses set up and manage cloud systems quickly and efficiently.

  • Helps fuel better remote working

Cloud-based systems do not restrict users based on the device or platform. People can be at work whilst just using a device, an internet connection, and a web browser. SMB’s can leverage a better chance to drive remote working, provide flexible perks, and work-life balance. A study by Gartner suggests, businesses that offered remote working options attracted talent with better skills and enhanced job satisfaction.

  • Drive team collaboration

Cloud computing provides SMB’s with the tools to store, access, share, collaborate, annotate, and more from anywhere, and anytime. With real-time data flowing through these platforms, teams can harness the full capacity and visibility of a collaborative workforce through social spaces.

  • Keep your data updated with version control

With enterprise cloud-storage, small and medium-sized businesses do not have to worry about various file versions. Using file version control, cloud storage platforms store various copies of each file. Users can download the latest copy or an older version based on their needs and expectations. With cloud storage, the files are stored on a single source of truth, and everyone can gain access to data based on file and user permissions. This makes work better and builds a stronger bottom-line.

  • Leverage higher data governance and business security

Cloud computing delivers a suite of security features for client data. With high-level encryption, password authentication, file permissions, and more, SMB’s can mitigate the risk of serious data breaches. Using top platforms, businesses can collect, manage, and secure customer data. Based on a report, more than 60% of data breaches are caused by criminal entities or malicious software.

  • Gain a competitive edge & improve sustainability

SMB’s can disrupt the market through lean cloud computing. With a myriad of features at the helm, small businesses can gain a true edge over their competition. With more than 70% of firms expected to use new technology for better experiences, cloud computing would help modernize businesses & improve sustainability through lower carbon footprints.


A vast majority of small businesses are moving or are expected to adopt cloud technology. Leading or forward-thinking companies need to consider this cloud revolution. Adapting to cloud computing platforms means staying modern and relevant. iFieldSmart Technologies helps small businesses streamline processes through advanced cloud-based software. Begin a conversation with specialists from iFieldSmart Technologies to discuss how these cloud solutions can help businesses stay up-to-date, perform better, and leverage business progress.

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