It is very clear why individuals and enterprises are moving to the cloud in 2021 and shall continue to do so in the future as well. It has become extremely easy for users to update data on the cloud through cloud-based applications wherein it can be stored, accessed, and collaborated from anywhere and at any time.

This buzzword has been floating around everywhere viz. marketing resources, social media platforms, games, Smartphone’s, and more. The cloud has augmented the internet ecosystem through cloud-based data hosting to store important data in the form of files, audio, video, multimedia, etc.

The cloud is a scalable technology that users can leverage to their advantage based on demanding requirements. The disadvantage of a legacy hosting system is – static or rigid technology to host data.

The reason for the cloud being everywhere would be quick data retrieval to download large files from the web onto a stand-alone system or a physical system.

Cloud hosting for Smartphone’s

The cloud has integrated itself with Smartphone’s wherein Smartphone manufacturers equip phones with cloud apps for users to upload their data on the cloud, be it android or iOS. Every new Smartphone in the market comes with cloud storage for users to store docs, audio, video, pdf files, photos, or any other data that a user wants to store on the cloud.

It reduces the hassles of maintaining backups on physical storage devices or removable devices. You just need to carry your Smartphone, whilst your data moves with it. Even games in the app store use cloud storage to save game instances for players to continue from the previous levels.

Hosting websites on the cloud

Another application is hosting websites on the cloud, wherein it becomes very easy for site webmasters to store data in one place, be it source code files, site images, etc. These sites are also stored on the web so that they can be scaled as and when required, this is observed from apps that track web traffic and patterns.

eCommerce websites can leverage huge advantages through dynamic scaling wherein they can scale their resources up or down based on business requirements. It has been observed that websites hosted on the cloud show better performance and speed in comparison to legacy systems.

As cloud systems are based on virtualized platforms, it is easy to build a redundant network for data security. These files are kept secure at various locations in case there is data corruption, theft, malicious practices, or a natural disaster for that matter.

It is very easy for users to migrate data from various legacy systems to the cloud or cloud-to-cloud. With a cloud-based system in place, it is very easy for users to feel safe and secure about their files, and even access them on the fly.

Words of Wisdom

The cloud renders users with enhanced productivity and efficiency through higher cost savings, accessibility, and more. The benefits of cloud storage will transcend into every device in the future and catalyze future business requirements. To start, sign up with iFCloud, and get free 10GB cloud storage on registration. 

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