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  • Onsite projects present a set of challenges, no matter what industry that project belongs to
  • Need to verify onsite work with the planned design is key to accomplishing projects on budget and time
  • Verification and validation of onsite work is critical to achieving quality project outcomes
  • Meeting relevant quality standards and regulations requires specialized services and technology like BIM, automation, construction management, and a third-party construction consultant
  • Proactive and efficient onsite verification includes planned design vs onsite installation, accurate material, resource, and equipment requirements & allocation, detailed 360 photos, & more
  • Recording and comparing as-built conditions against actual design intent are crucial to understanding if client requirements are met

Challenges that projects and stakeholders face during onsite verification.

  • Last-minute onsite clashes between various building members leading to rework and cost overruns
  • Inadequate project visualization inducing poor coordination and collaboration
  • Inaccurate or incomplete construction drawings leading to installation failures
  • Project delays arising due to changes in onsite requirements and scope
  • Lack of project automation and management leads to deliverables that do not conform with client requirements
  • Low-grade fabrication based on inaccurate or incomplete shop drawings
  • Unreliable material procurement leading to onsite waste

Services offered for onsite verification.

  • Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Project scheduling & cost estimation
  • On-site observation
  • Contractor payments  
  • Third-party model auditing

Benefits of using services and tools for proactive onsite verification.

  • Verify project certifications
  • Confirmation of onsite accuracy
  • Meeting client dimensions and requirements
  • Detailed visualization to actual project tolerances
  • High-resolution 360 photo capture and documentation
  • Accurate construction drawings
  • Early clash detection
  • Prefabrication and fabrication
  • Comprehensive construction automation and construction management using tools and software

The importance of construction verification in various phases.

Design Phase

  • Reduce risks by generating confidence in As-Built data
  • Mitigate rework, scope creep, and contractual variations due to inaccurate data projections

Construction Phase

  • Achieve client verification needs before hand-over, often mentioned in the scope of services
  • Better sub-contractor deliverables before a sign-off
  • Improved confidence levels for designers through existing onsite work
  • Quick resolution of existing project variances

Maintenance Phase

  • Accurate & robust As-Built information for better decision-making on operational expenses(OPex) and refurbishment

Viable onsite verifications processes in the construction phase.

  • Quick approval of BIM models for greater accuracy and sustainability
  • Evaluation of LOD for project models vs certain specifics helps build client-specific BIM models
  • Detailed project reports of the model based on enhancements and standards enable better constructability, design intent, design validation, etc.

BIM model auditing using 3rd party consultants reduces rework and cost overruns.

  • Document reviews
  • Model integrity & accuracy verification against design intent.
  • Design confirmation & validation
  • LOD reviews against scope, objectives, and design function
  • Evaluate model conformity with 2D Design
  • Model-checking audits
  • Clash audits
  • Schedule audits

Precise and detailed BIM modeling reduces onsite risks through quick error detection.

  1. High-quality MEP modeling at LOD 500 through value engineering and coordination
  2. Accurate model-based fabrication based on LOD 400
  3. Proactive onsite support with quick error and clash detection
  4. Model-based construction & shop drawings for hangers, electrical, plumbing, and sheet metal
  5. Detailed design reviews for clash detection
  6. Building highly-detailed BIM objects

Accurate and detailed As-Built Modeling reduces installation failures.

  1. High-quality As-Built 2D and 3D models for existing projects and layouts
  2. Specialized As-Built modeling for material equipment, overhead structures, HVAC piping, conduits, instrumentation, etc.
  3. Easy model management based on a centralized repository
  4. Detailed CAD cleanups for MEP firms
  5. Accurate MEP As-Built models from 2D drawings

Onsite BIM support mitigates changes in onsite requirements and scope.

  1. Skilled on-site support to derive exceptional insights for communication and collaboration
  2. Maximize efficiency and deliver project outcomes
  3. Specialized trade coordination for on-time project delivery
  4. Coordination meetings to mitigate clashes in the early project lifecycle
  5. Save on time and budget to increase profitability
  6. Analyze gaps in team coordination and collaboration
  7. Adopt accurate process workflows and practices
  8. Proactive clash detection for greater onsite efficiency

Accurate Procurement and QTO reduce onsite material waste.

  1. Solid takeoff to build accurate cost estimates and construction budgets
  2. Better onsite verification with strong QTOs for detailed drawings and reports
  3. Accurate onsite data acquisition using powerful automation and construction management tools
  4. Accurate construction documentation and library creation to build precise Quantity Takeoff’s

Precise 4D Schedules enable timely handovers through accurate timelines.

  1. Building accurate 4D Schedules to verify each material, resource, or equipment is set in place
  2. Better scheduling insights drive better onsite verification of project deliverables
  3. High-quality 4D scheduling videos to allocate optimum project resources
  4. Generate and analyze clash reports to verify onsite installation and activities

Precise 5D Cost Estimates help build accurate and detailed cost visualization.

  1. Leverage precision onsite cost verification with accurate cost estimates
  2. Top-of-the-line model authoring software to create accurate 3D models and build precise cost estimates across the entire lifecycle
  3. Agile projections to make informed decisions and deliver positive project outcomes

Proactive onsite verification helps fabricate building components better.

  1. Onsite installations become seamless with accurate shop drawings for pre-fabrication
  2. Accurate and detailed fabrication drawings across various trades help draw better ROI, time savings, and profitability
  3. Spool drawings for pre-fabrication

Streamline post-construction operations with proactive Facilities Management.

  • Verify onsite data accurately helps facilities managers and owners streamline Facilities Management
  • Data analysis
  • Condition Assessment
  • Digitize Existing Data
  • Leverage data interlinking
  • Gather new data through Laser Scanning and Point Clouds
  • EAM – CMMS Data Integration

Verify onsite data through Point Clouds.

  1. Conduct accurate and high-density laser scans to document the existing structure
  2. Highly accurate and quick scanning produces precision scans through millions of Point Clouds
  3. High quality scans with an accuracy of +-1 mm
  4. Point Cloud conversion to Scan-to-BIM models helps augment the renovation, retrofitting, and expansion process

Construction Management Software.

iFieldSmart fits right into your project needs to mitigate risks.

Influence better design, construction, and management workflows.

  • Reduce data fragmentation, storing federated models, drawings, RFI’s, Submittals, Schedules, etc. for various projects in one place helps access the most updated information
  • An intuitive dashboard helps project stakeholders leverage accurate and effective analytics on open, closed, and resolved clashes and viewpoints
  • Stakeholders can leverage quick clash sync with over 50 clashes/min at 99% availability through detailed clash management, quick clash assignments, and more
  • The Clash View Point Manager helps organize, extend, and augment the clash-test process
  • Modelers, designers, engineers, etc. can help assign clashes to trades, rename clashes, rename viewpoints, merge, etc.
  • Effective management of project RFI’s helps stakeholders get a clear picture of project-wise RFI’s through various parameters viz. drawings, cost impact, initiation date, status, etc.
  • Architects, designers, engineers, contractors, etc. can leverage efficient submittal management for each project based on their ID, specification sections, number & revisions, submittal type, due date, etc.
  • An inaccurate timeline can cause serious project delays, rework, onsite issues, and more
  • Using accurate schedule figures for various tasks helps identify start date, planned date, task type, progress, labor cost, etc.
  • Manpower savings of about 75% can be achieved in the preparation of building plans

Derive powerful insights from customized reports.

  • Comprehensive & customized reports on Issue Management, RFI’s, and Submittals make design seamless across various trades and building levels
  • Project designers and teams can leverage an accurate count on overall, tradewise, and levelwise issues, and use effective analytics to resolve to design various issues
  • Mitigate high costs of administration and review of RFI’s with accurate analytics based on closed or overdue RFI’s
  • Architects and engineers can leverage an accurate submittal count of shop drawings, project data, etc. to enable better design, fabrication, and installation

Access and visualize your design deliverables better with Forge.

  • Using the power of Forge, 3D BIM models can be viewed on a web-browser
  • Automating the BIM process helps connect design teams, workflows, or visualize project data
  • Powerful Forge integration with iFBIM helps view and control assemblies, section cuts, and perform model measurements in a browser setup
  • Leverage the power of connected design with Forge through BIM 360, data management, reality capture, and 3D viewer

Make model comparisons quick, effective, and efficient.

  • The ability to compare various model versions helps resolve ambiguities and create models as planned
  • iFieldModelCompare collects required model data and compares their differences

Build a complete design and construction snapshot with proactive Facilities Management.

  • Get a detailed snapshot of your building components through various levels and room numbers
  • Filter results to quickly display the required view name, room name, element name, etc.
  • Facilities managers, contractors, and owners can draw detailed information about building components for better decision making

Do more for design collaboration with efficient and productive virtual meetings.

  • Enhanced coordination and collaboration within various stakeholders helps fuel quick decision making, and significant savings in rework
  • As an AEC firm struggling at coordination and collaboration, iFMeets is the answer to leverage the power of virtual meetings
  • Construction virtual meetings cut down on unnecessary meetings, rework, build better project clarity, and enable visual project interaction
  • With the ability to record meetings, share screens, upload construction documents for simultaneous annotation, and more, project stakeholders can collaborate seamlessly
  • This saves a considerable amount of time, money, and resources by connecting offsite and onsite personnel

Leverage project document storage, access, and sharing in the cloud.

  • The ability to store, access, and share building data from a single point of truth or a Common Data Environment (CDE) helps accelerate every design, construction, and maintenance process
  • Cloud storage capabilities for construction data helps stakeholders access data from anywhere, and anytime
  • Hold a quick meeting on a certain document, or share QR codes to various stakeholders with in-depth information on building components
  • Storage, access, and sharing challenges of building documentation can be resolved by creating a single point of truth for various files viz. . JPEG, NWF, RVT, PDF, etc. 

iFieldSmart Technologies – a high-performance AEC software suite.

  • iFieldSmart Technologies holds solutions to every AEC design, construction, and maintenance challenge under one roof
  • As a suite of connected AEC software, iFieldSmart Technologies can resolve design risks, financial risks, operational risks, and labor risks
  • Comprehensive software automation helps speed up the design process at very high accuracy, which creates a positive impact on other project phases
  • With project costs in mind, iFieldSmart software is fairly priced to leverage better productivity, efficiency, positive outcomes, and high ROI


  • Turning to proactive onsite verification allows end-users like material suppliers, general contractors, and other stakeholders to review onsite work remotely
  • Modern construction technology integrated with BIM helps augment the entire onsite verification process for various project types
  • Effective and efficient onsite verification will continue to be a crucial part of the overall construction process to overcome various challenges and turn them into game-changing opportunities
  • Construction verification through third-party services helps set an additional set of eyes to achieve accuracy, and work is consistent with specifications and plans.

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