5 decisive reasons your company needs to adopt video conferencing in 2020

What’s the point in using audio conferencing to communicate if it cannot facilitate true communication and collaboration amongst company stakeholders. If your company hasn’t adopted video conferencing as yet, then it’s time to embrace its true potential now.

Here are 5 decisive reasons, video conferencing is more effective than audio conferencing or even face-to-face meetings.

Video Conferencing is way more high-impact than other communication channels

If your team and company are looking at superior collaboration, then video conferencing can be an excellent game changer. With participants being present through video, the entire dynamic of the meeting changes.  There is no semblance of a blind-eye or meeting attendees being out-of-sight, this means there is more eye-contact than typing or just audio. This facilitates better engagement and translates into productive meetings.

It is much more efficient & practical

The adoption of video conferencing helps key members participate in important meetings. With a large & dispersed attendee demographic it can be quite daunting to hold a meeting. With conventional meetings, it always takes various people to travel long distances and hours. But video conferencing can make it easy for people to jump in from any location and any duration as well. This would make much more sense, productive, and efficient as well.

It enables enhanced communication & learning

It has been observed that the human brain can process and store visual information faster than any other response viz. audio or text. From experience, it has been concluded that people respond better to video conferencing as it improves the performance and quality of communication and collaboration. Meetings are understood better through visuals, presentations, notes, etc.

It brings dispersed teams together and keeps them aligned

A face-to-face meeting is far more effective than a telephonic or audio alternative. With today’s cloud backed video conferencing platforms, meeting presenters can get dispersed teams aligned and connected through real-time video communication. There is never a sense of distance when it comes to video conferencing, as it’s just a few clicks of setup or a joining link that gets the meeting started with hundreds of people from any corner of the globe.

It gets things done with cloud platform interoperability

Software interoperability is one of the most crucial aspects of cloud-based video conferencing software as it enables various systems to work in synchronicity. If meeting participants use different software, they can still access a video conference meeting. For example, a video conferencing software can be an addon or API for meeting calendar applications that notify users about the meeting day and time. Cloud interoperability removes collaboration silos and helps improve relationships with various teams and clients through cloud-based video conferencing software.

Some of the best practices for video conferencing can be listed as follows –

  • Check your internet connection, sound & audio checks through a webcam, etc.
  • Create meeting rooms based on an agenda that keeps the team focused and productive
  • Engage your team one-at-a-time to mitigate crosstalk’s or dead zones
  • Use whiteboards, presentations, or other visual aids to facilitate collaboration & engagement

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