The cloud has penetrated the market for users and enterprises to store, access and collaborate data over the web. Encrypted cloud solutions are the best secure cloud storage solutions in the market, wherein cloud hosts provide cloud platforms in various configurations viz.

IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. With information and data on the cloud, users can leverage affordable cloud solutions in terms of bespoke packages that include version history, user management, unlimited storage capabilities, digital signatures, mobile access, online viewer, and more. Thus, if you’re one of those people who has a lot of data, and does not want to lose it, the best secure cloud storage is the best option at this moment.

An external drive is a physical drive that stores data, but it needs to be carried along every time. This device needs to be connected to a laptop for data to be stored and accessed. External drives exist outside the system, whilst internal drives are setup in the computer itself.

With the cloud in place, data like files and folders are stored on remote networks or servers. Remote servers known as cloud storage servers are managed by cloud hosts, and users or enterprises do not have to own expensive hardware or software to store their data. Thus, uploading a file from a physical computer to a cloud platform is extremely easy.

Cloud Backups Vs Personal Storage

Your data is safe so long as you keep various backups of it. But, it can get extremely daunting to own and carry multiple devices with data backups. The cloud backup strategy includes the best secure cloud storage for users and enterprises. Many still prefer external drives in the form of SSD’s, but they would still fail someday, and data being on one drive is extremely susceptible to failure or loss.

The Cloud Revolution

The cloud has changed how people store, access, and share data over the web. With the cloud available to every user, it is has become extremely straightforward to access your cloud backup files or folders from a machine or mobile device at any time or anywhere. 

Redundant Technology

As discussed above, with the best secure cloud storage, users can build backups of backups at various locations. The user need not worry about the locations it is stored at, these are remote servers at various locations that maintain redundant data backups in case of system failure or data loss. It is extremely easy to retrieve the data as well if these kinds of situations arise.

Multi-layered encryption

The best secure cloud storage providers use multi-layered encryption for files that are stored, accessed, or moved over the web.  Most of the cloud host providers use military-grade encryption to protect online data while they reside on remote servers.

To Summarize

The choice of using external drives or the cloud depends on a user, but it is highly recommended to at least keep a backup of your data on the best secure cloud storage so that in case of physical system failure, data can be retrieved from the cloud in no time.

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