Free cloud storage providers provide a place for you and your data without spending a hefty amount from your wallet. Instead of using physical disk space on your desktop, mobile, or any other device, users can upload it on cloud storage platforms viz. Drive, Dropbox, iFCloud, etc. All these companies have been locked in a competitive price and space war. Cloud Storage technology is affordable for both parties’ viz. the provider and user.  The big guns have been able to run very successful businesses on cloud storage, whilst their lesser-known competition is catching up with things and features to survive and thrive.

Talking about Online Free Cloud Storage, it is more suited for personal use, rather than a business purpose. The free storage marketing initiative is letting organizations and business users test and use the platform for its features, benefits, technology, and more. Small businesses can use free cloud storage under different accounts, but they would then miss some of the premium features that are designed for business purposes.

Well, if your business purpose is accomplished within the features of the free account, then it’s fine as well!

Moving on, let’s understand the functionality of some of these platforms and their offerings.

Google Drive

Google Drive has been one of the most influential cloud storage technology across the globe. It caters to millions of users and enterprises across the globe through a simple email address. It has various features packed into one platform viz. Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc. It even has the ability for users to collaborate and share documents on this platform. This platform has been used by users to enhance productivity, sync various files, and more.


iFCloud is new in the market product for cloud storage that lets users leverage 10GB of free space when they register. With no credit-card requirement hassles, enhanced collaboration, on-the-fly accessibility, and end-to-end encryption, it packs quite a punch in the world of online free cloud storage. Users can also save various versions of their files and download them as and when required. iFCloud has been termed as a cloud solution for every user.


If you’re looking at high security at a certain price, then Mega is your platform of choice. With various Pro plans, organizations and enterprises can opt for various plans based on space and bandwidth requirements.

Well, there are other platforms like Hubic, sync, box, etc. which do provide free online storage on registration, but from my experience users should try out new cloud storage providers and see what they have to offer. Well, you never know, a single feature could make all the difference for you.  

Need to understand that your data and time are more than important

On a closing note, it would be best to understand what your storage needs are, depending upon that, you can select the free plan or opt for a paid subscription. As free cloud storage is mostly targeted for personal use, it would be beneficial to opt for a paid subscription if you are a business user.

I would also consider comparing various cloud storage platforms for their features in terms of bandwidth, space, file versioning, docu sign, or any other feature than can do the deed for you or your business.

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