In a traditional working environment, construction documents can be found in both – paper and digital format. Paper-based documentation can become extremely daunting for various stakeholders viz. Architects, designers, engineers, contractors, sub-contractors, etc.

Building reliable systems can be quite expensive as it needs the required hardware, software, and manpower resources. Furthermore, sending paper-based documents from one location to another is expensive, time-consuming, and inhibits quick decision-making. For example, if a certain 2D drawing or project document is required on a project site, it would require courier services to deliver the files.

Document Cloud Storage – Modern construction document storage promises extensive project success and growth.

Cloud-based storage solutions have shown promising outcomes for today’s construction business. This technology has been integrated with iFCloud systems to work with AEC companies to store, access, and share 2D drawings and promote document storage. Cloud-based storage helps project teams store and share unlimited numbers of files with secure encryption. Architects, designers, engineers, and other stakeholders can store and send files with a few clicks. Cloud storage and construction management from iFieldSmart technologies help construction companies incur reduced expenses and time, and maximize company performance, progress, and income.  

iFCloud’s document storage mitigates the need to own expensive hardware, software, and it requires no installations as well. 2D drawings, RFI’s, Submittals, coordinated 3D models, etc. can be stored, accessed, and shared from mobile devices viz. smartphones and tablets. With paper more prone to damage from fires, liquid spills, etc. it is imperative construction companies adopt cloud-based systems to pick up easily through file-versioning capabilities.

There are a myriad of benefits of cloud-based storage and management systems that include –

  • Unlimited storage

Architects, designers, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders can leverage unlimited storage space to store 2D drawings, and other documents like RFI’s, Submittals, legal documentation, etc. With iFCloud, project teams never run out of storage space. Large construction files can be uploaded or downloaded through high-bandwidth connections. Rendered 3D models can be viewed with an online 3D viewer at affordable costs.

  • Better accessibility & enhanced collaboration

It becomes easier for teams to access construction files from a single source of truth. Files can be accessed and shared from any device or location. Users can leverage secure file sharing through a secure link. For quick decision-making, collaboration, and more, users can begin a virtual meeting on a single file with a simple click. With sequential file and folder storage, various construction file formats like.RVT, .DOC, .DWG, .JPEG, etc. can be stored and accessed in real-time.  

  • No need to update manually

Cloud-storage systems need no manual updates. If there is a software update, it is taken care of by the software provider. For internal file updates, the system can be synchronized for desk sync applications to updates files through an automated system. Users can create separate drives for various projects, tasks, or activities.

  • Save project time

With a myriad of features in place, and activities, and tasks automated, project teams can save on time and money through quick decisions. With processes running in the cloud, teams can save a significant amount of time through thorough document checks, plans, work orders, etc. from any location. With a significant reduction in travel to various offices and project locations, teams can save on more than 30% of their time or more than 10 hours a week through conflict resolution, reduced rework, and other non-productive activities.

  • Unite project teams through collaboration

Improved collaboration through cloud-based storage and project management makes it easier and efficient for teams to work in unison. With various file versions, activity tracking, user management, and enhanced search users have the tools and ability to coordinate their activities better. Project teams can be notified instantly through changes or updates at once. Project timelines can be adjusted, and issues can be resolved quickly by united teams. 

  • Fuels quick scalability without heavy expenses

Another striking benefit of cloud-based storage and construction management is true or on-demand scalability. For leading construction firms, cloud computing through mobile devices fuels conversations quicker garners information at your fingertips, and more. This helps construction companies achieve project deadlines and leverage success opportunities. 

  • Adds trust through security

The best feature of cloud storage is its ability to store data in a secure ecosystem. Large construction companies hold thousands of critical project files that need security at every corner. Lost or stolen documents can prove to be cumbersome, and recovery efforts can fail if file corruption levels are high. By keeping your project data on the cloud, project teams can revert to older versions of the files or recover files stored on redundant servers. Data loss through hardware or software problems are quite real, accidents and unexpected circumstances can happen. Thus, cloud storage is key for construction firms to boost productivity, efficiency, security, and accessibility.


The sheer feature of convenience, scalability, storage, security, and collaboration are striking features that make cloud storage a worthy investment to save on millions of dollars. iFieldSmart facilitates seamless integration of various cloud-based technologies such as iFCloud, iFMeets, iFBIM, iFLens, and more. Check out our software integrations in the Autodesk App Store for core BIM products viz. CVP Sync, BIM data extractor, auto sleeve dimension, clash viewpoint manager, and more. 

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