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If you’re looking at comprehensive cloud storage & backup for your business data & want complete control of data accessibility, cloud storage is the most viable solution. It also helps business owners scale storage capacities quickly based on business needs.

Cloud storage is one of the most prominent & popular data management solutions for small-to-medium businesses, and it also extends to large enterprises. This helps business owners reduce operating costs, enhance scalability, mitigate the need for physical hardware, and leverage remote access. Data security is one of the key features of cloud storage to protect data against security breaches.

Cloud storage is a sophisticated model for data storage used by individuals, groups, and businesses. Data is stored on remote servers located at various data centers accessible from any location in the world. Storing data on remote servers helps reduce IT demands for your business.

There are various advantages of using cloud storage that has made it a top choice for the modern business owner. Since the last decade, it is estimated that the cloud storage industry has seen an upcurve of more than 3.5 billion dollars.

At iFCloud, we enable individuals and businesses with a comprehensive suite of cloud storage solutions to fit specific needs.



Users and businesses can dramatically cut down on operating costs by selecting tailored cloud storage plans. Cloud storage enables business owners with significant benefits by mitigating unnecessary investments on server purchases, other hardware, etc. This can be extremely beneficial for small-medium sized businesses.

The adoption of cloud storage reduces monthly maintenance & enables a scalable solution for users and businesses. Users can significantly enhance cloud storage capacity without buying extra servers or hardware.

iFCloud Benefits:

  • 50 GB to unlimited storage
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Desktop & Mobile access
  • Affordable download data cost

Another crucial advantage of cloud storage is it’s potential to reduce the high carbon footprint by reducing physical storage devices for data storage. Onsite infrastructure or hardware can take up a significant amount of space for small-medium sized businesses-that includes heavy power and cooling systems.

If your infrastructure does not have the right kind of space to host a private server stack, then cloud storage is a great solution to reduce energy consumption.

iFCloud Benefits:

  • 50 GB to unlimited storage
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Desktop & Mobile access
  • Affordable download data cost
  • User Management
  • Full user activity tracking

If your business operates out of the office, then cloud storage provides significant benefits to store, access, and share data with distributed teams. The ability to access data from anywhere in the world through an internet connection and web-browser offers exceptional flexibility with high bandwidth & remote access. A hybrid cloud solution of a public and private cloud can be leveraged for enhanced performance & security to store, access, and share business data.

iFCloud Benefits:

  • 50 GB to unlimited storage
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Desktop & Mobile access
  • Affordable download data cost
  • User Management
  • Full user activity tracking
  • Free digital signatures
  • Enhanced data search
  • Separate drives for different purposes

One of the most common reasons users and businesses use cloud storage is data security. The recovery of data in the event of a natural disaster, cyber theft, or Ransomware attacks requires robust end-to-end data security. Businesses need to make sure files are safe for things to run smoothly offsite and onsite as well.

Data in the cloud is kept secure through redundant backups at various remote server locations and or file versioning. File versioning helps users recover old versions of their files for better security. Business owners use cloud storage as a backup plan for their business data, even if they don’t use it for other features.

iFCloud Benefits:

  • 50 GB to unlimited storage
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Desktop & Mobile access
  • Affordable download data cost
  • User Management
  • Full user activity tracking
  • Free digital signatures
  • File versioning

Cloud storage or cloud environments can enable multiple users associated with it. With cloud storage, teams can collaborate on a single file or multiple files. For example, users can gain access to files so that multiple users can access or edit the file. Files can be accessed in real-time from any corner of the globe.

iFCloud Benefits:

  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Desktop & Mobile access
  • Affordable download data cost
  • User Management
  • Full user activity tracking
  • Free digital signatures
  • File versioning
  • Enhanced data search

Cloud storage software vendors provide the sync feature to sync data from various devices to cloud storage. Business users can sync data from devices desktops, laptops, smartphones, etc. to cloud storage. With a quick registration and login, users can access their accounts through proper credentials and get their data on the cloud without having to invest in expensive storage devices or hardware. 

iFCloud Benefits :

  • 50 GB to unlimited storage
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Desktop & Mobile access
  • Affordable download data cost
  • User Management
  • Full user activity tracking
  • Desk sync application
  • Separate drives for different purposes

Through the last decade, cloud storage has gained a significant upcurvefor data storage, access, and collaboration for users, businesses, and the software industry. Transitioning from expensive storage devices to the cloud can be seamless for small-medium sized businesses. The benefits of cloud storage over local physical devices are in plenty. Are you planning to migrate your data to the cloud? What excites you the most about cloud storage? Let us know in your comments.

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iFieldSmarts construction management software tool is a cloud-based platform built for Architect, Owners, Subcontractor & General contractors to manage projects smarter. Serve across the United States USA, Canada, New york, UK & Worldwide.

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