In an endeavor to help construction companies level down on administrative tasks and enhance project communication, this blog acts as a comprehensive guide to help you deliver projects on budget and time. This can be achieved without compromising construction quality.

Construction delays are a prevalent challenge within the AEC industry. Construction projects can face cost overruns of more than 75%, and schedule delays of more than 15 months, if not dealt with early. There is a significant chance of improvement in the ways the construction industry designs, collaborates, and builds projects. It has been reported that there are more than 25 reasons for construction scheduling delays. This shows, there is a myriad of parameters that need attention for a project that is under development.

To make things even worse, every scheduling delay comes with serious challenges during project progress. Listed below are the most significant challenges that might be key drivers of project delays.

  • Unclear work scope
  • Team clashes
  • Poor project visualization
  • Inaccurate costing produces cash flow problems
  • Legal construction conflicts
  • Fluctuating costs of storage and materials
  • Rising labor costs

Regardless of the factors mentioned above, redundant administrative tasks, and unproductive meeting hours can lead to construction schedule delays. Excessive admin activities and meetings can be mitigated by adopting digital tools to build progress reports. Here are five quick wins that can inhibit prevalent construction scheduling setbacks.

  1. Enable modern and digital progress reporting tools

Construction project stakeholders spend more than 30% of the time generating reports or attending unproductive meetings. Deploying digitized systems in creating project reports helps save on construction time or looking for unnecessary project updates.

  • Mitigate admin-based processes and workloads

Reducing admin work transforms into better time management and reduced construction scheduling delays. Digitized technologies help teams and stakeholders cut down on preparing meeting docs, progress charts, project briefing, etc.

  • Create and access information from a single truth point

By collaborating on a myriad set of tools, projects can face development challenges and confusion. Every project stakeholder ends up talking about their version. This creates a situation where people cannot keep track or monitor anything. Furthermore, project stakeholders tend to get lost in unnecessary activities that create rework, project disputes, and cost overruns.

  • Deploy construction-oriented software

A construction-specific tool is key to avoid scheduling delays. Construction activities cannot be run on generalized software like Excel, Emails, presentation software, or any other spreadsheet applications. This software does not fuel collaboration as project teams work in a siloed environment with outdated data.

  • Standardize and streamline your construction processes

Construction companies need to begin standardizing everything. This would help project owners and stakeholders analyze and deploy the right kind of software. Adopting standardized processes are perceived as challenging and useless for stakeholders. This is not true as more than 70% of the processes are the same. In that situation, system and process standardization are crucial to define core project principles to deliver projects on time.


Construction projects might have a myriad of sizes or complexities, but what matters is how we communicate and collaborate on construction scheduling delays. Project construction managers or project managers are perpetually wasting time to create construction project reports. Deploying the right BIM scheduling processes and software could help create a significant difference. Man-made projects don’t bring in actual value to a construction project as they are completely outdated. In an attempt to help cut down construction schedule delays, iFieldSmart Technologies delivers top-notch construction technology to streamline workflows and processes.

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