In the modern digital space, users need more space to host their data. Cloud Hosting providers in the market are looking at serving the current needs through bespoke plans for users and enterprises. This includes free 10GB space in the basic plan and extra features in the paid plans. What users are looking at is a solution wherein they can carry their data without adding any extra physical or external drives.

Carrying a physical drive can be cumbersome, and there are chances of device failure, compatibility issues, and data loss as well. The cloud mitigates all these problems, wherein users just require a laptop or smartphone with an internet connection and browser to upload, access, and share their data. The other parameters users are looking out for in the cloud space are cost, security, on-the-fly access, unlimited storage space, unlimited users, activity tracking, desk sync application, and more. 

Benefits of Cloud Storage

Easily Accessible

Files hosted in the cloud can be stored, accessed, and shared from anywhere, and at any time. This allows users to break the constraint of geographic location and time.

Cost Preservation

Cloud storage comes at a very affordable costing for individual users or SMB’s. This tends to reduce the annual cost of investment as enterprises do not have to invest in capital expenditure or IT skill-sets.

Disaster Recovery

Users and enterprises need to invest time and money in cloud storage to create copies of their data or backup files in a remote location. As the files are stored in the cloud, they can be accessed from anywhere on the globe. Users can try a cloud host’s service through free 10GB space, if they don’t like it, they can opt-out of the said service, and look for other cloud hosting providers.

Highly Scalable

Moving from on-premise to on-demand, the cloud offers great flexibility in terms of growth through scalability. It helps businesses accommodate their growth in terms of upscaling or downscaling their resource requirements. Based on a pay-as-you-go model, users or enterprises need only pay for the services they have selected, and they are free from any overheads or extra fees.


In terms of performance or speed, the cloud scores more than any other technology. With the right cloud storage provider and a robust interface, it becomes extremely easy for users to store, access, and share data over the web, leveraging the best holistic performance.


The cloud offers users to cut operating costs of buying exceptionally expensive hardware and invest more in resources that augment business profits and higher garner higher ROI.   

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