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Is your enterprise aware of what cloud storage benefits can be leveraged? Does your organization use cloud-based storage software Google Drive, iFCloud, One Drive, etc. to store your company data? Knowing what cloud storage benefits are accessible can help you make the right call for your storage needs. This blog will focus on the Top 5 Cloud Storage benefits& how they can be maximized.

What is cloud storage in Layman’s terms?

Cloud storage lets you store data in the cloud or remote servers, and access it through the web. While on-site setups are a viable solution for enterprises, cloud-based solutions are cost-effective, convenient, scalable, feature-packed, etc. With cloud storage, data can be stored, accessed, and shared remotely with no need to buy or maintain on-premise hardware or software. This eliminates the need to invest in large capital or update on-premise hardware or software. Instead, subscribing to monthly cloud-based storage is exceptionally cost-efficient.

The Top 5 Cloud Storage Benefits Your Organization can take Leverage.

Benefit # 1: Keep your data safe & secure with cloud storage.

Imagine you store your data on physical servers, and it has been encrypted due to Ransomware attacks, and you have to pay a hefty price to get it back – and that is if you get it back. As data is crucial for enterprises, they will pay for their data. Any organization is susceptible to a data breach.

With cloud storage, organizations can implement security controls like stringent encryption, strong passwords, granular permissions, etc. against threats. Having a cloud-based storage solution like iFCloud helps you take care of your data storage, access, and sharing needs. When you store data in the cloud, users can subscribe to plans that contain data security features like encryption, file versioning, sending files through secure links, etc. Disaster recovery is one of the most profound benefits of cloud storage. Having a cloud storage plan with disaster recovery in place helps keep your data safe and secure. Subscribing for an enterprise plan helps businesses keep their data safe and secure from breaches.

Benefit # 2: Leverage comprehensive scalability for your organization.

Storing data in the cloud can help organizations leverage enhanced scalability. Can your existing data storage solution scale up and down quickly? Is your organization going through an exponential growth period with high volume traffic? Have a team of work from home employees that might need scalable cloud storage solutions? If the answer is “yes”, then your organization would need to expand and look at cloud storage options – quickly.

Benefit # 3: Leverage cost-savings with cost-effective cloud storage plans.

Cloud storage is extremely cost-effective for enterprises as it provides a myriad of tools and features under one roof. Organizations looking to move their data on the cloud can leverage a single cloud storage platform or software to enable their data requirements. As organizations do not have to buy or own on-premise servers and software, it facilitates major cost-savings. Enterprises can cut-down on buying infrastructure or hire IT personnel that can increase capital costs. As mentioned above, cloud storage can be leveraged for high bandwidth, unlimited storage, desktop, and mobile access, user activity tracking, enhanced search, etc.

Benefit # 4: Get complete access to your data with cloud storage.

Storing data to the cloud has a myriad of benefits for employees. For a remote or work from the home workforce, cloud storage is the only viable solution. Files and data need to be shared amongst various team members, departments, etc. Storing data in the cloud helps employees access data anywhere, and anytime. Organizations use mobile devices for teams, and cloud storage can augment business operations when used with mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. Users can sync their data on or from these devices to access data on-the-fly.

Benefit # 5: Leverage energy consumption with cloud storage solutions.

An added advantage of using cloud storage is a heavy reduction in energy consumption. With an on-premise setup, enterprises would have to own or buy IT infrastructure. This would contribute to a heavy electricity bill for an organization. Migrating to the cloud can help organizations leverage upto a 90% reduction in energy consumption. 

What is your cloud storage options?

Enterprises can consider cloud-based storage options to meet business needs, and integrate seamlessly with various devices and apps. Listed below are some questions that you need to ask yourself for your cloud storage needs.

  • What kind of files does your organization want to store, access, and share?
  • What level of security is required for your data?
  • Does your enterprise rely on collaboration to enhance business operations?
  • What kind of devices do you currently use to store, communicate, access, and share?

Begin maximizing your cloud storage benefits TODAY!!

Maximizing your cloud storage benefits is easy. But, it is important to choose the right cloud storage cloud platform for your organizational needs. Cloud-based environments like iFCloud can help streamline and augment business operations with the right cloud storage option. Let iFCloud help you extend and secure your IT needs by leveraging cloud storage today.

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