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Streamline your meetings
with an Agenda

Our platform has everything you need for an easy interactive environment  Explain everything using intuitive whiteboard features.

Picture your remote meeting or lesson with doodles, images, slides, and collaborate in real-time

Suite of features to choose from viz. Pen, Color Palette, Text, Basic Shapes, and more

Use granular permissions on who can access the whiteboard

Use the Whiteboard
or Drawing Slate to Interact

Our platform has everything you need for meeting track and notes

Create an agenda before your meetings begin for better productivity

Add an agenda if you’ve missed out on one

Record and track your agenda or roll-back to the required discussion

Enterprise Video

Taking your physical office virtual

Making your physical workplace virtual – All the features for great presentations and online meetings

Making it easy with collaboration meeting rooms.

Improved video and audio quality that feels like a face-to-face meeting

Presentations made simple,
for better understanding

Engage your audience with high-impact presentation capabilities.

Present any document format without screen-sharing

Conduct a lesson or business presentation – iFMeets is optimized for both

Enhanced picture and audio quality for a superior presentation experience

Video Sharing
and Viewing Made Easy

Watch and share videos from various video playback platforms

Supported links from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more

Maintain privacy of your dashboard by sharing the link externally

Build a clear line-of-sight on what needs to be presented

Put things in perspective
with Screen Sharing

Show people what they need to see with Screen Sharing

Share your screen to make your meetings and presentations easy to follow.

Select between various viewing modes viz. Full-Screen, Application Window, or Specific Browser Tabs

Grant permissions for attendees to become presenters & share their screen