Enhanced collaboration, streamlined processes
& increased productivity

On-site or Off-site. 2D or 3D. Stay updated on your project’s progress with iF BIM Integration. Manage clashes better with effective coordination!

Time Reduction

Reduction in the time taken to generate a cost estimate

Faster Clashes Sync

Sync 50 clashes/min with 99% availability, on iFBIM.

Saving Manpower

Save 75% workforce in the preparation of building plans

iFBIM Features

Smart apps built to augment project quality through agile thinking and present-day construction technology.
Influence your Clash Management Process with phenomenal Project Collaboration Tools & BIM Coordination software.

Assign clashes to various trades with a digital signature
as soon as you store the file.

View 3D and other graphical files directly from your storage!

Maintain a thorough log of your clash management files right from the start,
along with an option to download any of them.

Sync all your files from our iFBIM web app to your desktop and vice-versa.

iFBIM Pricing

Leverage top-of-the-line BIM Project Coordination software at affordable pricing. Do more with less as iFBIM delivers top-notch Clash Management features for construction professionals to boost project efficiency through acute focus on collaboration and BIM project coordination.

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