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Are you a construction project manager that is missing out on a myriad of automation benefits for your AEC project?

Construction as an industry has been on the high side of tech. Moving various systems and processes that keep job sites running has a myriad of benefits. Not only does cloud computing help cut costs, but improves collaboration between various trades viz. architects, contractors, project managers, and more.

It enables faster decision making and the efficient use of resources. The result is quicker completion time for construction projects, lesser overheads, and enhanced margins. It was predicted that by 2020, cloud spending numbers would reach an estimated $200 billion.

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Let’s take a closer look at five ways construction managers can benefit from cloud computing.

#1. Facilitates powerful storage and data usage.

The emergence of new technologies on the job site viz. cameras, drones, handheld devices, and sensors. These devices collect data, that must be stored, accessed, and shared for documentation and planning purposes. For example –

  • Drones are used to capture aerial images for inspections or land surveyors
  • Sensors communicate data from the equipment
  • Security cameras provide a photo and video documentation of onsite activity
  • Project managers can use hand-held devices to monitor and document status updates in the field   

All these equipment generate a lot of data, and it needs to be stored somewhere. Images, videos, and status updates can take a lot of storage space, well beyond the capacity of physical drives. That’s where cloud storage is the most viable solution to store data on a long-term basis.

If project managers have to rely on physical drives, their data would be subject to theft or loss, or even accessible on mobile devices. With cloud storage at the helm, AEC firms can leverage unlimited storage, and stay secure and accessible from anywhere.

If stored on the cloud, data collected on job sites can be analyzed and studied to enable powerful insights that help with planning and forecasting.

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#2. Enables a connected job site.    

Cloud-based storage can be accessed from any location, device through a web browser. It enables complete mobility for project managers. Project managers and other stakeholders on the job site can use smart handheld devices to leverage updates, critical data, photos, calculations, and more. It also helps project managers integrate cloud storage with project management software for processing.

For project managers who are responsible for a myriad of projects at a time, online access to this information over the cloud builds great efficiency. They can pull the most recent job status through a smartphone or tablet on-the-fly. Project managers can save the effort of traveling to the actual job site through easy and seamless sharing, eliminate time-consuming phone calls, meetings, and site visits.   

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#3. Enables scalability without heavy investments.

Switching to cloud-based storage or processing reduces the need to buy expensive hardware and mitigates maintenance costs. Project managers can leverage SaaS models to implement project management software like iFBIM without incurring additional costs. Firms can add storage, bandwidth, and more through flexible cloud-storage subscriptions.

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#4. Enhances project documentation.   

Documenting projects is crucial to meeting contractual obligations and ensure your data stays secure from errors, theft, project delays, or policy violations. Improved documentation also helps in planning and forecasting future projects. With unlimited storage capacity, and the ability to access data like drawings, models, documents, images with project management software, construction project managers do not miss a thing. Every piece of information is instantly archived for long-term storage and retrieval.


If you’re a construction project manager who wants to harness the power of comprehensive automation for your AEC projects, then iFieldSmart technology enables simple, easy-to-use, secure, and powerful solutions for your construction projects. Tools and features from iFieldSmart technologies seamlessly integrate various platforms for cloud storage, video collaboration, and BIM management software. Automation helps project stakeholders access every piece of construction information, at their fingertips.

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