Work from home – the only solution for billions of people to stay safe from COVID – 19

Billions of people have been told to self-quarantine themselves in the boundaries of their homes to stay safe and prevent the outbreak to spread further. #wfh or #workfromhome or #flattenthecurve are two things that billions of people are taking in very seriously. With the complete globe in “lockdown mode”, people need to stay safe and connected with family and friends, and businesses are trying to achieve some semblance and continuity through online communication and collaboration.

Enterprises with web conferencing apps or platforms have come forth and offered free services for people at home as a part of the community service, and making sure people stay indoors and carry out their professional tasks or activities. iFMeets is a new and lightweight cloud-based web conferencing platform that lets users’ access & leverage screen-sharing, conferencing, mobile access, and more.

Let’s have a look at the features –

Easy to use interface – use all the premium features with a light-weight interface. Hassle-free application navigation makes it easy for every user to leverage an exceptional web conferencing experience. 

No need to install – run your application from a browser with an internet connection. There’s no need to install resource consuming software.

Share your presentations – share important presentations with multiple meeting attendees whilst keeping your data safe and secure through granular permissions. 

Record your meetings – playback every second of your meeting with high-quality video and audio recording.

Quick mobile access – begin meetings from anywhere on the globe with a responsive mobile app.

Access for independent users – Meeting admins or owners can invite external users to join the meeting without registering.


With work from home being mandatory for all in this crisis, we all must understand the importance of a global lockdown to prevent a greater outbreak of COVID – 19 Coronavirus from the vicinity of our homes. Web conferencing tools or platforms are the perfect solution for people to stay indoors and connected with the outside world.

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