Making sales more effective with Cloud-based Video Conferencing

To be successful in the arena of marketing and sales requires a unique combination of character and skills. From analytical thinking to problem-solving, and customer persuasion, strong sales professionals know the potential of tools and technology to personalize customer relationships and enhance productivity.

As technology continues to advance with shifts in video conferencing, it has become completely mainstream for sales professionals and leaders to leverage this technology to close more deals, conduct effective conferences, and land more sales calls.

The TOP 3 reasons sales professionals should augment their use of video conferencing in 2020

Web conferencing is the next best thing to face-to-face meetings

If you’re a high-end sales professional, you would know that a face-to-face meeting is the best option to build a sales pitch or rapport. However, there are situations wherein an in-person meeting is not possible, and with sales becoming more complex and extensive, it becomes extremely expensive for companies and professionals to travel or get budget approval for travel costs. Fortunately, significant improvements in video and web conferencing technology has provided greater accessibility via video meetings, agenda, whiteboard presentations, screen sharing, and other great features that reduce carbon footprint, etc.

Stand out from the competition during the prospecting phase

Given the high volume of information in the form of emails, newsletters, feedback forms, marketing materials, etc., it would be a daunting task for sales professionals to handle hundreds of voicemails in a day. Introducing your products through video conferencing tools or platforms serves a greater impact wherein sales professionals can showcase product features, upload it to social media or YouTube, and provide meeting attendees with an external link to view the video.

Boost engagement levels with Web Conferencing

Leveraging full attendance for a face-to-face meeting can be a challenge, given that attendees need to travel long distances or companies need to spend on people to travel for a single meeting. Using high-definition audio and video, sales professionals can deliver a personal touch that renders your pitch or presentation more memorable.

If you’re a sales professional looking at making an impression, these tips on preparing for a video conference will help you gain success and close more deals.

#1: Use high-quality Audio & Video Devices   

If you’re in the middle of making a strong sales pitch, it would be advisable to use high-quality audio and video devices with proper backdrop lighting to make yourself visible & presentable during the meeting. Poor lighting and resolution can distort facial expressions, and become a distraction for everyone. There are 3 solutions you can work on viz.

  • Portable lighting kit with a good webcam
  • Using natural light to create a vibrant ambiance
  • Smartphone lights can help as well

#2:  Be aware of your backdrop

Once you’ve got your devices and lighting ready, it is time to consider a good backdrop or background that enhances your lighting effects. It is also a good practice to keep your room clear of other people, children, or pets as they can cause a distraction. Building a distraction-free environment for your sales meetings can be as easy as ever. An inexpensive white or green screen can make a huge difference to maintain a consistent background and show some personality as well. Repeats and portable steps can be a good option in terms of affordability and uniformity.

#3. Dress for the Occasion

Put on your favorite suit. Well, not literally. Your dressing etiquettes make you feel confident and comfortable. People tend to shy away from their cameras is because of a bad wardrobe. Engaging your clients or customers requires you to dress up sharp in the best possible way.

#4. Select your Web Conferencing tools wisely

Let’s take a step back and evaluate the most important requirement of all; choosing the right video conferencing platform or software. There are numerous video conferencing software in the market. In these times of global crisis, many tech giants have rendered their video conferencing tools for free. Users have the leverage to sign-up and begin using premium features for absolutely no cost at all.

Well, few important pointers need to be considered to select the right video conferencing software.

  • Does it have any hidden charges?
  • Is the security end-to-end encrypted with granular and robust user permissions?
  • Can I use this solution on mobile devices?
  • Will I require any additional plugins or downloads to begin video conferencing?
  • Does the software contain high-quality audio and video recording?
  • Can meetings be conducted on specific agenda?
  • Does the software have whiteboarding to make presentations engaging?
  • Can I share my screen with other attendees?

Those were some of the tips that could help you select a good video-conferencing application. 

#5. Keep trying and making eye contact with customers

Practice makes perfect, conducting frequent video or web conferencing meetings will make you perfect whilst using all the features of the platform. With constant practice, users can create meetings based on the agenda and record them as well. Send the agenda to various participants 24 hours in advance, or turn on auto-responders for invited participants. Take a deep breath, look directly into the camera, and imagine you were conducting a real face-to-face meeting. Be natural, speak conversationally, and make eye-to-eye contact.

Wrapping it up

Video conferencing offers unlimited potential for sales professionals to make a strong sales pitch and close greater deals. With top-of-the-line video or web conferencing software in the market, it would be smart for sales personnel to leverage potential features and build better customer relationships. 

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