Making classroom walls invisible with video conferencing

It’s no secret, video conferencing has the potential to enhance the education experience – be it schools, colleges, or universities. There are numerous benefits video conferencing can provide at every level of education, and through multiple points of view viz. students, teachers, administrators, etc. As a school or university student, video conferencing is the best solution to understand various concepts of complex subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, etc. Solving problem sets becomes very easy with real-time screen sharing and face-to-face learning using webcams.

Challenges experienced by students or teachers without video conferencing software. 

  • No access to learning material or experts
  • Lack of collaboration between students and teachers
  • Low student attendance & motivation
  • Lack of engagement between teachers & students
  • Traveling long distances to take learning courses
  • Missing out on learning diversity
  • Inadequacy in student performance & improvement
  • Unnecessary capital costs on equipment, IT, etc.
  • Lack of self-paced learning

Video Conferencing software enhances collaboration

A free video conference software or a decently priced one facilitates collaboration between various teachers and students as well. Getting teachers together in one room can be a challenge, but getting them to sign up for an online meeting or conference can be easy. It helps learning and development easier to host academic conferences, promote teacher training, or schedule a webinar with other schools. Collaboration can be tricky, making amazing things happen requires a lot of effort, this could be an interview with a great educator, scientific personality, or even having a face-to-face video call with learning & development leaders.

Making students see the real world & cultures through video conferencing  

Schools, colleges, and universities can leverage video conferencing software to travel the world and promote various events, cultures, monuments, etc. through video conferencing devices and software. Being exposed to various cultures and new forms of education helps students gain a greater perspective of the world in the vicinity of their learning space.

Making learning & development accessible to rural areas

Education is a universal right, and it should be accessible to every child or students across the globe. Educators can cater to lesser privileged or rural areas through free video conference software making it convenient for students to attend multiple classes through video lectures. With prerecorded lectures, greater engagement, whiteboards, collaborative games, and access to global learning resources, learning can be fun for students or children from rural zones.  

Making learning more engaging

Embracing new methods of learning creates a spark for students to learn and progress in academics. Learning through video conferencing software helps include various elements from different geographic locations. Bringing experts in the classroom and making them deliver lessons through presentations, whiteboard explanations, interactive sessions, etc. Video conferencing helps one-on-one mentoring become extremely easy as it does not involve traveling to a school, college, or university. 

Augmenting Two-Way Communication between teachers and parents

Video conferencing tools facilitate two-way engagement or communication wherein parents and teachers can interact, they both act as equals, receive & give feedback. Examples of two-way communication can be meetings, conferences, or video calls. Parents feel more receptive when teachers use a more personalized approach or involvement. Many parents are in favor of an online meeting as they would want their children’s grades or performance known or even keep up with upcoming events. 


Schools, colleges, or universities should use video conferencing software to help students learn and conduct online interviews for staff, teachers, etc. As the world is connected globally, it is essential to implement top video conferencing software which is intuitive, easy-to-use, and contains exceptional features for learning & development.

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