iFMeets – Keeping people safe and connected amidst COVID-19

With the COVID – 19 pandemic infecting hundreds of thousands of people, the necessary steps have been taken by global governments for people to stay and work from home. This will cause reduced interaction between people and help flatten the curve. As the COVID – 19 outbreak continues to spread, people need to stay connected with family and friends. This is where web conferencing software helps users leverage online conferencing, mobile access, webcam & screen-sharing, dial into a meeting, etc.

It’s not just the large companies facing problems in the wake of COVID – 19, even smaller firms are moving to safer spaces and flexible environments in the cloud to initiate company meetings. Large enterprises like Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, etc. have moved to a work from home setup. Enterprises with web conferencing products have come forth and performing their part whilst providing free versions of their premium features.

If you’re ready to leap into the cloud for a hassle-free web/video conferencing experience, then it’s time to use iFMeets – a light-weight cloud-based platform for a seamless connection experience.

Let’s have a look at the features users can leverage from this platform.

Easy-to-use interface – Begin your web conferencing experience with an easy-to-use interface that helps users sign in and register without any installation, start and join meetings from mobile devices, dial into a meeting, share screens, etc.

No installation required – Use iFMeets without any system installations, this makes the whole web-conferencing experience effective, productive, yet light-weight.

Multiple users – No need to register for external users, external attendees can join the meeting with a meeting code or ID.

Quick Conferencing – iFMeets makes it easy for people to begin a conference with a button click.

Numerous Meeting Rooms – Leverage top-notch features from iFMeets to create multiple meeting rooms based on different purposes, attendees, or requirements.

High-quality screen-sharing – Enhanced screen-sharing algorithm for a better and sharper screen-sharing experience.

Web conferencing on-the-fly – Start or join your meeting from your mobile device and access every feature from iFMeets on-the-fly.

Share your presentations – Share crucial company presentations amongst various attendees. Access for multiple attendees to review or work on the same presentation.

Record meetings for future reviews – Record every second of your meeting for future playback and review.

Wrapping it up

It is imperative every individual on the planet take preventive measures in the wake of the COVID – 19 outbreak by staying at home. Using web conferencing platforms is a hassle-free solution to continue professional interactions and staying safe as well. For the moment, it is a necessity to #flattenthecurve based on human isolation to avoid the spread of COVID – 19 Coronavirus Outbreak. 

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