The benefits of using video conferencing for Education

The present and future of education is transforming beyond the walls of a classroom. Engaging students online creates a world of opportunities. Web conferencing is supported to increase collaboration and personalize the teaching experience. It is also centered to garner team-oriented learning in a virtual environment.

What can screen shares be used for?

  • Screen-shares can be used to create group lessons or activities that can be worked on during live learning viz. quiz, problem sets, etc.
  • Deliver illustrations and examples for school students
  • Start a forum for students wherein they can collaborate on presentations, documents, and spreadsheets

How can recording a presentation or lesson help?

  • Students can review lessons delivered by teachers, and students can record their work for teachers to provide feedback on
  • Existing recorded sessions can be used as training material for future courses
  • Students who use the whiteboard feature can record their creativity or assignments as an engaging method learning

Teachers can create a poll or survey for students to answer via chat communication

Guest lectures, subject matter experts, and other faculty can be asked to join a class despite the location

Benefits of Video Conferencing for schools, students, or teachers can be listed as follows

Collaboration with different schools

Web Conferencing software can be used for inter-school communication, training, webinars, meetings, etc. It can hold up to 100’s of attendees at a single time for free. With students and teachers dispersed in various locations, features like the whiteboard, screen sharing, multiple classrooms, etc.

Live conferencing unites students from various locations

Students who stay at distant locations can use online web conference platforms to take lessons as it helps students record and playback sessions for future review or revisions. Students also have the opportunity to debate on various topics for interactive learning.

Bring field trips to your location

In an event wherein field trips are arranged, a few of the representatives can visit the field, whereas others can watch live coverage of the entire trip from the comfort of their homes. This can save on cost and time for students who stay far away from schools, or who do not have the means to attend field trips.

Schedule classes on time

Students can enjoy an out-of-class learning experience from the comfort of their homes. Learning sessions can be easier and convenient as they can be created on-the-fly. With top-notch scheduling features, students only need to use a webcam, a laptop or mobile device, and an internet connection to begin learning. Groups can be created to leverage unlimited learning from the vicinity of your home. This also becomes easier and convenient for parent and teacher meetings to be handled from any location, and avoid further conflicts.

Record live sessions for later review    

One of the most significant advantages of web conferencing is recording sessions. This feature allows students and teachers to review live sessions through recorded high-quality audio and video footage. Learning sessions can also be recorded for students or teachers who were unable to attend the live session with online video conferencing software.

Present live lessons based on topics, subjects, etc.

Modern web conferencing tools have the technology to conduct live learning sessions based on specific topics, subjects, etc. They can be compartmentalized to be more effective and streamline for future review.


The above-mentioned benefits clearly show the potential of web conferencing tools. These tools will continue to evolve and help coordinate and collaborate, students, teachers, and schools from any geographic location. Video conferencing is making education more visual, connected, and interactive for students and teachers. It also saves on time and cost for students who cannot attend classroom courses but creates better learning opportunities for them.

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